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15+ Times the Internet Proved It’s Still Filled With Photos That Can Surprise Us

According to statistics, in 2021, the average person spent a considerable 155 minutes of their day browsing the Internet on their mobile phone. And one of the reasons going online is so appealing is that it offers us a much-needed opportunity for distraction. Seeing things that are so different than our own reality might be shocking at first. However, they can surely act as an exciting breath of fresh air.

Bright Side is a fan of curious sights that can add a twist of eccentricity to our day. We’ll share some photos we found online that may make you want to look twice or even more.

1. Skiing in style

2. ’’A moose broke through a window and entered a school.’’

3. ’’This chow-chow has his own balcony.’’

4. ’’My dad found a face as the pocket of his pepperoni pizza pants.’’

5. ’’This toilet at my grandma’s brother’s house’’

6. ’’A selfie statue in my hometown’’

7. When you come with a lot of baggage:

8. Rolling in style

9. ’’I saw a Blackberry nailed to a tree.’’

10. ’’This cabin on top of a silo in Kentucky’’

11. ’’My apple has a baby apple.’’

12. ’’Find the car in this picture.’’

13. ’’This guy’s mohawk’’

14. ’’This public restroom has toilets that face each other.’’

15. When you can’t make up your mind:

16. “Why does Bella stand like a man?”

How much time, on average, do you spend online? Tell us the most surprising thing you’ve discovered recently while browsing the net.

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