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15+ Unique Services Hotels Offer to Make You Feel at Home

When we choose a hotel to stay in, we usually pay attention to its rating, location, and room prices. However, our level of comfort is not just determined by these criteria — sometimes hotels offer unexpected little things that can make our stay in a new place as comfortable as in our own home.

Bright Side put together 19 unique services that can help you enjoy every single minute spent in your hotel room.

19. If you feel lonely, you can rent a dog to play with.

18. This shower head tells you the exact temperature of the water.

17. A giant slide for those who want to feel like a kid again

16. “My hotel in Tokyo left a little note beside my bed with tomorrow’s forecast details.”

15. This hotel room has a doorbell, just like at home.

14. Don’t like animals? You can always borrow a plant to talk to.

13. A special phone button for pizza lovers

12. For some people, a rubber ducky is a bathroom essential.

11. Need a nap? Lay down in an indoor hammock.

10. This bathroom mirror is anti-fogging in the middle.

9. “The hotel I stayed in changes their elevator carpet based on the day of the week.”

8. There’s a TV built right into the bathroom mirror.

7. This robot delivers water to guests.

6. If you want to create a special atmosphere, there’s a record player in the room.

5. “My hotel safe has a plug so you can charge your electronics while they are locked away.”

4. Can’t sleep at night? Call for a bedtime story!

3. You can use a pancake printer to make a perfect breakfast.

2. “Our hotel balcony has a working bathtub.”

1. “You can take this phone out with you. It has unlimited mobile data and free calls.”

Have you ever come across any unusual hotel services? Feel free to share your experience with us!

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