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15+ Users Shared Crazy Neighbor Stories That Will Make Yours Seem Good as Gold

Almost everyone has or knows someone with a funny or strange story to tell about his or her relationship with their neighbors. Some neighbors are sociable, others less so. And while many are seemingly normal and quiet, others are quite strange and “exotic,” to say the least. When it comes to the exotic version, the important thing is to not lose your cool and try to take things with a grain of salt. After all, if you don’t have a strange neighbor, you might want to ask yourself if you are the weird neighbor in the building.

At Bright Side we love to have fun and fill your day with things that make you laugh. That’s why, this time, we selected 17 stories from Reddit users about strange neighbors. Most of them are funny, some of them are simply astonishingly weird. Take a look for yourself!

  • I had an old man neighbor who absolutely LOVED my dog, but would not acknowledge my existence. Anytime I took my dog out on a leash and we ran into him, he would be on his knees, petting and talking to the dog. The first dozen or so times we ran into this guy, I tried to make polite small talk (“Oh wow, he loves you! I’m [name] by the way.”) and he just flatly ignored me. In probably over a hundred interactions, he never once spoke to me or looked at me. For a while, I assumed he was deaf or hard of hearing and a bit socially awkward. But then I happened to walk outside one day while my partner was taking the dog out and saw my partner and the neighbor having a perfectly friendly chat! I walked up to join them, my partner greeted me, and the neighbor ignored me exactly as usual. The whole thing was as awkward as could be, but at least the dude was nice to my dog. @awarmlightforall
  • My dad had a neighbor that played his radio loudly all day, even when he wasn’t home or was gone on vacation. Every time he left the house and his radio was still on, my dad would go and trip the circuit breaker to his condo. One day he sees my dad, who was an electrical engineer, and asked him why his breaker kept tripping — was it faulty wiring? No, my dad explained, the loud radio was probably just putting too much strain on the circuit because it was left on all the time. My dad suggested that he should try turning it down or off when he wasn’t home, and see if that fixed it. So the man tried it, and surprise surprise, the circuit breaker stopped tripping! @TheFeshy

  • Had another single condo owner in my development (so we both had extra bedrooms). She was pleasant, but I was surprised when she invited me to come see her “collection.” Okay.
    We went upstairs and she opened the door to her small extra bedroom... and it was clowns. Clown dolls, clown busts, clown velvet paintings, clown toys — more clown crap than I knew existed. All I could think of was the number of people who would run screaming from this room. All I could say was “Wow. That is a really impressive collection!” @carmium
  • I have a neighbor that puts pressure on the city’s office to check and see whether or not our backyard is clean enough. We, that is my family and I, are not the cleanest of people. I mean to say, we do not really care if our lawn is infested with dandelions or any other weeds, we still mow it but we do not treat it. The guy in question takes pictures of our so-called scrapyard and asks the city’s inspector to penalize us if we do not cooperate with his standard of beauty. @starniac
  • I got home from work one snowy winter day after some new neighbors had recently moved in. They invited me in, but they apparently decided that paying for electrical baseboard heating throughout their apartment was too expensive... So they had a propane grill lit in the middle of the kitchen... Politely made a quick escape and called the landlord immediately. Luckily, they didn’t burn the place down. @immapikachu

  • My mother was cleaning up the top shelf of the closet, fell with a heavy suitcase on top, and broke her ankle and leg. When the ambulance arrived, a whole family of neighbors, who never spoke to us before, busted into the house with the paramedics. My father was this close to literally punching everyone and kicking them out. @FlaxSeedBP
  • They would scream and fight at all hours of the night. Their children would throw eggs at our house, and bubble gum over the fence so that our dogs would eat it (...I have no idea why). The kids would climb over the fence and jump onto our gazebo, and take our grape leaves (for cooking). The father and uncle drove tow trucks and would speed down the street, screech to a halt, and park in the yard. They had, like, 5 beat up old cars in their driveway at all times. They had chickens and a goat in the backyard. @sweet_sparrow
  • We had several crazy, but harmless neighbors, except the one right next door. We, innocently enough, thought nothing of leaving the blinds open on the side of the house that faced him. One morning I was home alone and walked past a window in just my bra and underwear. I glanced toward the direction of his house and he was standing in just his underwear staring directly at me. I freaked out, dropped to the floor, and literally crawled away. His bedroom window was no more than 20 feet from our house. Every time we would look out or go outside, he would stand with his face pushed up against the window and stare at us, while making a weird chattery sound with his teeth. @tessyfink
  • A neighbor decided to place a rotten sandwich on my porch. The sandwich was not mine, so the next morning I put it back on the curb where she first found it. The next morning the sandwich appeared on my welcome mat. I return it to the curb. This kept going on for a week, with the sandwich finding itself in my mailbox, wedged into my screen door, etc., and finally ending with screams and threats being traded from our respective porches. Could this all have been avoided if I had just put the Arby’s sandwich in the trash after Connie first put it on my porch? Absolutely. So this is the story of 2 crazy neighbors. @JoelleVD
  • One day at roughly 2 AM I heard banging on our door, so I answered it quite carefully, as it was late. It was the neighbor from upstairs. He just stared at me, not replying to anything I said, so eventually I shut the door on him and went back to sleep. This carried on every couple of days or so. I’m a very very patient man, but someone waking me up every night at 2 AM when I had to leave for work at 5:30 AM, was starting to drive me insane. Then I realized he was following us around regularly and being generally creepy, hiding behind bushes, etc. The next night I hear banging on the door again and he starts shouting at me saying I stole his microwave? I call the police, they turn up, and calm him down. We still see him occasionally following us, even though we’ve moved to a different city and have lived here for years. @chaoswolf7115
  • I work on my own cars sometimes in my driveway. I occasionally make noise with my cars or tools I’m using, but it’s nothing more than what you’d hear from an assortment of gardeners. Yet my neighbor has decided to wage a war against me. He frequently calls the cops on me and lies to them, he tells them I’m running a chop shop in my garage, and that I’m working until midnight, neither of which are true. He trash talks me to our other neighbors and is constantly going out of his way to make my life miserable. It’s gotten so bad that he has literally forced us out of the neighborhood. @let_them_burn
  • As a kid, I’d take my dog on a walk. I was walking up the street toward a park, when a dog in someone’s back yard started barking at my dog. No big deal, it happens, right? Lady comes out and tells me to ’stop antagonizing [her] dog’ and saying I wasn’t allowed to walk my dog on that street anymore. I told my parents, and they just said to take a different route. @SmoSays

  • A crazy person lived in the home next door. They had flood lights on 24/7 on all sides of their home, a mid ’90s car in the driveway that I never saw move, and the only glimpse of the person I ever saw was their hand, while holding a camcorder and recording everything we did. They would fill whole pages of paper with rants and tape them to their window so that we could read them. I read a couple and, at best, I could describe them as random words. I couldn’t tell you their age, or gender, but that hand holding a camera still freaks me out. @luckyhunterdude
  • I’ve got 3 of these ladies living in my parents neighborhood. Every time I visit, and they find me, I get updates on people that I haven’t seen in a decade, or have never seen at all. The weird thing is most of their families are super relaxed. I don’t know how they deal with it. @Herrier335
  • My crazy neighbor would get upset if everyone didn’t pull their trash cans in immediately after the truck came. Trash day was on a weekday, so I couldn’t bring my cans in until after I got off work. Needless to say this totally pissed her off. It started with her just spinning the can around, or moving it in front of my garage. Eventually it escalates to her knocking it over or pushing it across the street into a small park. Eventually, I’d had enough. I bought a tube of marine grease and lathered up the handles, and then took the can out with a pair of gloves before heading out for work. When I came home, the can was moved a few feet and sure enough her little hands had left a big imprint in the grease. @addennis
  • We have had several sets of crazy neighbors, but my favorites were J & Y. One time we were late on our water bill, and, here, the water company can cut off your water if you don’t pay. The truck came and the guy gets out and shuts off our water, and then drives away. Immediately J explodes from his house with the largest wrench I have ever seen in my life, (bigger than a small child) screaming curses at the retreating water company truck, runs to the front of our house, opens up the door in the sidewalk, and turns our water back on. Then walks back into his house, still muttering, and walks in, slamming the door behind him. @rbkc1234
  • While looking out the window, I saw a middle-aged woman who was yelling at her upstairs neighbor for stealing her raccoon. Yes, she yelled that it was her raccoon because she left a bag of sugar out for it, which is apparently a delicacy to raccoons. The raccoon was on the upstairs neighbors’ balcony, so to get it back she constructed this ramshackle stairway of garbage (upturned garbage cans, broken chairs, etc.) and tried to climb up while wielding a hula hoop. She managed to get to the top of the garbage mountain and somehow thought she could trap the raccoon with a hula hoop (????). The other neighbor came out and a fight ensued with the upstairs neighbor biting the woman. Police were called. The raccoon was never seen again. @mandolinwars

Did you like these stories? Do you have any similar ones you’d like to tell us? Now it’s your turn to share, don’t be shy! Who knows, we might use them to create a new article about crazy neighbor stories shared by our users!

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