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15+ Weird Designs That Can’t Be Easily Explained

There are some designs in our daily lives that require a manual to comprehend. And we share these moments online with our loved ones to make them laugh because each one is precious and unforgettable.

1. “This Spider-Man children’s ride has a visible panty line.”

2. “I’ve been trying to figure out what this sign means for the past 5 years.”

3. “Someone likes to live dangerously.”

4. “The locked symbol also looks unlocked.”

5. A toilet design that is Donald Duck

6. “He’s at the 30! The 40! The 30! The 40!”

7. “This unnecessarily zig-zagged sidewalk”

8. “The more I look at it, the more uneven it is in every way.”

9. It says “closed,” followed by “come in.”

10. That’s not a unicorn sweater design.

11. “I’m on a bus — they use an environmentally friendly cup, but apparently it leaks so they just put a plastic cup beneath.”

12. “These plastic chrome pieces on my steering wheel reflect the sunlight directly into my eyes while driving.”

13. “Thought this was a broken hula hoop at my local store until I picked up another. Turns out it’s the actual design.”

14. “A drink design I found at a local store”

15. “Life is better with oats.”

16. “11 buttons to control brightness, and it still doesn’t go to 100% brightness.”

17. “Student housing not being designed for people to live in”

18. “A sock model not wearing socks”

19. “SpongeBob soul-eating pants”

Do you have any designs that are difficult to understand at first glance? Tell us in the comment section.

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