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16 Hilarious Times People Lied on Social Media

Famous journalist and columnist Mike Rokyo once said, “It’s been my policy to view the internet not as an ’information highway,’ but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies.” And this was when social media wasn’t even born yet. Today when we see people on the internet, we realize that one way or another he was stating the truth.

Here at Bright Side, we promote the internet only as a medium of truth and this is our humorous way of asking you all to not fall for the deception of some people in this virtual world.

1. Someone: How single are you?

2. A romantic dinner with myself

3. A friend on the terrace is the friend who’ll embarrass.

4. Well, this is technically a Mac-book.

5. The guy still doesn’t have a selfie stick.

6. Don’t put words in my mouth.

7. Heading off to Europe for a much needed break...

8. From car to bus in 0.6 seconds

9. I hope this is her own backyard.

10. Just another day, chilling out

11. Me: How single are you?

12. This is how I travel the world.

13. Are you on diet? Do you want to put a pic on Insta, but you don’t wanna buy a burger? Try the new McMicro from McD...

14. My new kitchen at IKEA?

15. My desk for the day...

16. This one’s just funny.

Well wasn’t that eye-opening? No matter what the intentions were, you can now conclude that it’s easy to deceive on the internet? Do you have any photos like these? Feel free to drop them in the comments and share the article with the people you think need to realize the fact that the internet is all virtual.

Preview photo credit Kevin Wagstaff / Twitter
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