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16 Objects That Left People Feeling Very Confused

Some objects can catch our imagination, like the coin bank included in this puzzling collection of artefacts below. Other objects can simply make us scratch our heads in confusion with their strange appearance. Take a look through these objects and see how many of them you can identify!

1. “Found in a thrift store, its decently heavy and I can feel something rattling around in it but it doesn’t open.”

“We sold these at a gallery I used to work at. It’s called a spirit shaker. Supposedly for peace and meditation. I wish I had more for you.” bparker1013 / Reddit

2. “Found this candle at a friends house that looks like a tampon. How do you even burn this?? 2/10 don’t like it.”

3. “Some sort of beauty tool in my grandmas bathroom? There is a grip on the length of it and the tip is rubbery.”

“It’s a gum stimulator — a dental device you use to keep your gums healthy.” FLRAdvocate / Reddit

4. “I noticed this while hiking in the Catskills NY. I thought it was gorgeous! I didn’t see any other broken branches that had this greenish blue tint.”

“That is the coloring left from a fungus / mushroom. Chlorociboria aeruginascens” WoodenExam7953 / Reddit

5. “Small white disk a friend found in her dryer. Location Germany. Light, feels like plastic.”

“Likely an RFID token for tracking laundry items.” sjhill / Reddit

6. “Wooden object left to me, about the size of a golf club with a wider base, has 5 holes in the base and one in the handle.”

“One I know! This is an apple butter paddle. We used one like this with a giant copper kettle to make apple butter out of applesauce over a fire outside. One person has to be constantly stirring the kettle with this to keep it from burning to the bottom as it cooks down.” neverbeaten / Reddit

7. “What is this tall glass object with a slit in the top portion? Around 16 in tall and 3.5 in wide. It has no numbers on the bottom or sides.”

“I think it’s a coin bank.” brock_lee / Reddit

8. “My whole family cant figure out what this thing is. Found at a thrift store.”

“Translated from Thai, it’s a cowbell.” SpiritualPrize / Reddit

9. “This thing was my grandpa’s, appears to be brass on the outside and a silver metal inside. No holes but maybe missing the closure latch.”

“Kohl Box, contained substance used by Indians.” proto_species / Reddit

10. “I merged clear hand soap to cloudy hand soap and got this organic, ethereal effect.”

11. “What is this? We can’t figure it out. NOT A PEELER.”

“It’s for potatoes that have just been steamed with skin on, stick potato on it release clamp to hold potato and peel off skin. I have one, they work great.” trapperstom / Reddit

12. “Decided to buy my mum a new landline. I told her I got her a BT phone.”

13. “Cut glass, rounded bottom, at least 75 yrs old”

“I believe it’s an antique perfume flask.” felizfelice / Reddit

14. “Strange pattern of snow on my trucks hood after work tonight”

“The the support under the hood. It stays hotter longer.” Timely_Ad*** / Reddit

15. “I Work at thrift store. This came in, we all have different theories.”

“This is exactly correct. It’s the IKEA Tradig fruit bowl.” theantivirus / Reddit

16. “Vintage metal thing that flicks? Found it in my 90-year-old grandma’s jewelry box.”

“It’s a little noise maker/toy, I used to have one that looked like a ladybug! Just a clicker toy to annoy the adults lol!” beniceeveryday / Reddit

What different objects have you found at your grandparents’? What is your best thrift store find?

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