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17 Coincidences That Made Us Rub Our Eyes to Check and See If Life Was Glitching

It seems that sometimes life has a built-in Photoshop app that it uses whenever it wants, without warning us. It’s really hard to figure out another explanation, when you enter a room to see that the walls totally match your clothes, or when the color of your water bottle perfectly matches the gradient of a woman’s hair who’s sitting next to you in a restaurant. What is it, if not Photoshop, that the universe randomly turns on to puzzle us?

We started to doubt our own vision here at Bright Side when we saw these 17 pics of once in a lifetime coincidences, and now we want you to be amazed too!

1. How this sock is matching this rug

2. And here’s a pair of socks that completely disguised themselves as a carpet.

3. “My friend’s water bottle matches my other friend’s shirt.”

4. “My lunch matched my drink yesterday.”

5. “I perfectly match the walls in this bathroom.”

6. What wearing a total look really means:

7. “This guy’s shirt matches the back of the bus seat.”

8. It took us a while to notice the notebook on this person’s lap.

9. When nature is a good stylist and it helps you to choose the right accessories.

10. “My shoes match the parking lot.”

11. “This frog matches my deck both in color and texture.”

12. A once in a lifetime coincidence

13. “The Switch my buddy gave me matches my project car.”

14. “My card matched the clipboard at a restaurant.”

15. These nails and this box of mints seem to have a very similar design.

16. This vitamin tablet almost disappeared on this kitchen counter top.

17. When your Chapstick matches your outfit perfectly:

When was the last time you saw something that made you think the universe was glitching? If you have a picture of these epic glitches, show them to us in the comments!