17 People Who Found a Surprise When They Moved Into Their New Homes

Moving to a new home is something of an adventure. There is excitement, nervousness, madness, boxes, bags, and suitcases everywhere, all requiring your attention. Without a doubt, it is one of the most intense experiences of our modern lives. And many times, when we go see the house before, either to buy it or to rent it, we forget to look closely and focus on the general aspect and feel, leaving the small details for later, which can lead to finding more than one little surprise once we’ve moved in.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to these homeowners brought to you today by Bright Side. Upon entering their new homes, they found details or things they had initially overlooked and didn’t expect at all. Don’t miss the nifty bonus at the end.

1. “Cleaning out my grandma’s old house and found these BK burger boxes from 1990.”

2. “Symbols carved over a door in our new house”

3. “A drawing found under wallpaper in my house on the original walls”

4. “I moved the dryer in our new house and found $105 in the vent.”

5. “New house has a drawer that goes around the sink.”

6. “Vintage board games found in an attic of new house.”

7. “Original thermostat was never removed, put my new thermostat next to it (house built 1957).”

8. “My mother-in-law’s new house has a built-in cassette player that plays through the entire house.”

9. “We found a clock that goes anti-clockwise in our new house.”

10. “So we found this safe at our new home.”

11. “My new house came with (art?) on a random wall.”

12. “My friends found a Kansas City Star newspaper from roughly 1955 in the drywall of their new house.”

13. “My new house has a fire extinguisher from 1976.”

14. “My aunt bought a new house that has a coffee maker built into the wall.”

15. “This old 7up can I found in the attic of my new house.”

16. “Got a new house, has a locked safe.”

17. “Refitting our new house’s loft (attic) and found $690 (£500) of 1981 currency wrapped in insulation!”

Bonus: “After I bought this house, I was informed my neighbors do it big for Christmas. I spent a lot of money already buying a new tree and all the decorations for the inside, so I talked to my neighbor and we came up with the perfect solution.”

What is the most curious or surprising thing that has happened to you during a move?

Preview photo credit ImBrokeEveryWed / Reddit
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