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17 People Whose Photo Fails Conquered the Internet

Do you know how many photos are uploaded to social media sites every day? Around 350 million new pictures appear on Facebook daily. There would be even more photos if people uploaded their funny images just like the people in this article did.

Bright Side has found 17 people who weren’t afraid to show their pictures taken at the wrong time to the whole world.

17. The best selfie ever

16. This was supposed to be a regular wedding pic but the kid had his own plans.

15. “My boyfriend was taking photos of me and a bug flew by.”

14. A guy taking a panoramic picture of himself

13. “They got their food 10 minutes ago...”

12. “My worst face swap ever”

11. Selfies with pets aren’t that easy.

10. Not the best wedding photo...

9. With all her might...

8. “My friend asked her fiancé to take a picture of her in Milan.”

7. It wasn’t a good idea to make a collage.

6. This snake doesn’t like to be photographed.

5. That awkward moment when you try to take a selfie and the kid behind you slips on a wet paper towel.

4. “My friend was just trying to take a pic with her ice cream but ended up emulating a popular meme.”

3. “Me taking pics of my boyfriend vs him taking pics of me”

2. That hand coming out from under the sofa...

1. “My dad trying to take panoramic photos of me”

Bonus: Don’t take photos on social media so seriously. Take it easy!

How much time does it take you to take a good photo for social media sites? Do you even care about it all that much?

Preview photo credit I_AM_HE_WHO_IS_I_AM / Reddit
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