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17 Pics That Are Better Than Any Comedy Movie

Some people may consider watching comedy flicks a waste of time, but psychologists call it a “vital medicine.” The thing is, comedies have potential benefits for mental and physical health by bringing on positive emotions. The movies may decrease stress, act as a painkiller, and strengthen immunity.
But since watching movies is not a quick task, we suggest you check out these images that are just as hilarious.

1. “My niece is a crazy cat lady in training.”

2. “Airport security is really getting tight these days.”

3. “So I’ve been out for work doing in-person inspections all day. I had 8 appointments. Nobody said a word...”

4. “My 6-year-old is mad at me.”

5. “Official middle-aged dad uniform”

6. “My dad trying to find a file”

7. “My license photo — the only thing the woman who took my photo said was, ’You’re okay with this?’”

8. “A duck was left in a hot car.”

9. “Leonardo sold out?”

10. “Watching mom cook Thanksgiving dinner”

11. “Why you always lying?”

12. “Nailed it.”

13. “Just an officer doing his job”

14. “He got caught attempting to nibble the box and just froze like this, pretending nothing was happening.”

15. “I think we may have 2 dogs.”

16. “My dad when I invite some friends over, oil on canvas”

17. “Found in my neighborhood”

What brings you more laughs — TV comedies or hilarious pics on the net?

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