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18 Neighbors That Act as If They Were Specially Sent to Annoy Us

You can’t choose who your neighbors are. But you can choose the most interesting of the thousands of stories from users that got “lucky” enough to live near these extravagant people. Some of them ride scooters everywhere, leave trash in the elevator, and send weird letters.

We at Bright Side were quite surprised that loud parties and screaming children weren’t the worst of these “bad neighbor” stories.

  • We have a very friendly neighborhood — we often talk on the playground. So I wasn’t surprised when a girl I didn’t know started talking to me. She was talking about how I could keep a man near me just by being the mother of his children and that this marriage was doomed. I didn’t understand what she was talking about but I just kept nodding. And then she said that she and my husband were in love and I had to let him go and stop manipulating him using our daughter. The problem was, I wasn’t married. It turned out that the neighbor told her I was his wife so he wouldn’t have to marry her. © Overheard / vk
  • I used to have a neighbor that would constantly throw trash over their back fence into my yard. They did it all the time. During the summer, I would go out to the shed in the back and find the most random stuff, like a ripped-open stuffed animal, used diapers, etc. I started throwing the trash back over, but it kept coming back no matter how much I battled it. The terrible teen son would work on his car in the driveway and blast music all day long. They also used to have a basketball hoop in their driveway that they eventually took down. They discarded the hoop and backboard in our front yard off to the side like we wouldn’t notice. I kept pushing it back into their yard against the same fence they kept throwing trash over, but it somehow kept finding its way back into our yard. They were truly neighbors from hell. They eventually moved away and all the problems cleared up. © Itellsadstories / reddit

The aforementioned neighbors from hell

  • My upstairs neighbor really annoyed me with his music and there was nothing I could do to stop him. In the morning, I was on the playground and I had a whistle. There were children who really wanted it, so I said that the one that could whistle the loudest would get it. I quickly found the winner. Strangely, the kid who won it was my upstairs neighbor’s son. © Vipman84 / pikabu

  • My neighbor took me to court and tried to sue me for $24,000 because my dog growled at her and caused her emotional distress. Didn’t get very far in court. © mandolinwars / reddit

"I pay $125 a month to park in my parking spot. I’m 111B. This nice guy is my neighbor."

  • My genius neighbor came up with the brilliant idea that he could collect the leaves in the stone parking lot with his snowblower!!! He duct-taped a plastic garbage bag over the discharge chute, and off he went. It actually inflated the bag for a few moments until the stones started flying. He broke 3 windows on his garage door and splattered a bunch of cars in the lot. © popesnutsack / reddit

“There’s a trash chute in the building and a dumpster not far away. What more do you need to stop leaving trash?”

  • When we first moved to this new place, our neighbors welcomed us to the neighborhood very nicely. We noticed the wife was overly nice. You know, the type who’s wayyyy too nice to be real? So my fiancé left out of state and during one of those days my younger brother called me and told me he’d be around the area and wanted to see if we could grab lunch. I said sure and we went out for lunch. It had been a very long time since I’d seen my brother so when we met at the restaurant he was being very sweet. He would put his arm around my shoulder and we were just having a great time. From the corner of my eye, I felt someone looking my way. I turn around and there she was — my neighbor with her phone out. It seemed like she was taking a picture of us. When she saw me, she quickly put the phone down and waved at me. I told my brother she was our neighbor and we went on with our day. My fiancé then texts me about an hour later: “The neighbor just sent me these pictures. She thinks you’re cheating on me with someone but I haven’t told her that’s your brother. Should I play along?” To this day, she cannot look me in the eye. Haha! © Karina Rivera / quora

Dogs saying hi to their neighbor

  • I once had a downstairs neighbor who would go around the apartment building pounding on other people’s walls. And the problem was that she did it quite often — at least once a month on Saturdays at 6 A.M. “Be quiet!!! You kept me up all night!!! Why are you so noisy?!?!?!” she would shout. Obviously, nobody was shouting and she was the one waking everybody up. © Jessica Kang / quora
  • When I lived in a high-rise there was a woman who rode the elevator on her scooter day and night and wrote down “violations” in a notebook. She would read this notebook at the condo board meetings. It was stuff like “2 am, unit 2203: door to the unit is dirty; 5 pm, unit 605: I can hear the television through their door.” One day I came home feeling good. I get off the elevator and this woman on a scooter is driving right at me yelling something. I yelped and ran to my condo. She really scared me. © Onid8870 / reddit

  • We had new neighbors: an older couple and their adult son. We introduced ourselves over the fence the first time but a couple of weeks into their stay, we started receiving letters. It was weird. The first letter stated that we were driving down our driveway too fast. Then a second letter arrived. They didn’t like that we were parking our cars in our driveways because seeing our vehicles ruined their view of the shared public park. They requested that we hide our vehicles behind the house or ensure that they were garaged. Also, every time we saw them, they would run to their house and act as if they didn’t know us. The final letter to arrive was a complaint that we were driving up and down our driveway too much and were disturbing their peace and quiet throughout the day and needed to park away from our houses so as not to disturb them if we were going out more than a few times a day. © Michelle Steele / quora

"The upstairs neighbors are loud. We were startled together."

  • I remember one of my neighbors once asked me why I locked my door when I was inside the house and I asked him how he knows that and he told me with a straight face that he has tried to open it some nights to “greet me.” © ngeli ya geng geng / twitter
  • My neighbors threw soup out of the window. And because they live on the 16th floor, all the windows below were covered in soup. They didn’t open the door when I came to them to complain. © aakaloe / pikabu
  • A new tenant had moved in on my floor. His name was Mike. And everyone started communicating with him:
    “Mike, we don’t smoke in the building.”
    “Mike, turn down the volume. How much quieter? Well, so that my bed stops shaking.”
    “Mike, is this modern art at your door? Oh, no? It’s just a bag of trash. Please throw it away.”
    So I was going downstairs and I accidentally heard Mike talking on the phone, “Yeah, the place is cool. The neighbors are quite annoying though.” © Yanina13 / pikabu

Do you have problems with your neighbors or do you live in peace alongside them?

Preview photo credit Michelle Steele / quora
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