18 Times Life Was Playful and Confused Us With Coincidences

Scientists still argue about coincidences and their cause and effect. And we have our own theory about this. We think that this happens because life is creative and has good sense of humor. It simply likes to confuse us.

Maybe we at Bright Side are wrong and can’t help scientists with our theory. But at least we can amaze you with these 18 coincidences.

1. “My dog yawned at the exact moment I took a photo of him in front of the graffiti that looks like him.”

2. Accidental pirate

3. “I laid down under a tree and realized that I blend into the ground.”

4. “This onion came with a happy face.”

5. “By complete coincidence, the trees along this street matched the colors of the buildings.”

6. “Half of this sign blew away revealing the old sign underneath.”

7. “Went shopping with my boyfriend today and almost went home with the wrong man.”

8. “This coffee stain on my table looks like E.T.”

9. “Einstein rushing to work”

10. “Opened the fridge to find everything on the top shelf is level.”

11. “I got a new shirt and it matches my Kleenex box.”

12. “The reflection from my window decal makes my toilet look like a quest item in a video game.”

13. “This tree looks like broccoli.”

14. “My glass with ice water split cleanly in half.”

15. Fluffy found her perfect bag.

16. “My girlfriend found this rock that resembles me.”

17. “Took a picture of my wife and her cow, we didn’t notice the awesome coincidence until later.”

18. “Going up or going down?”

Do you believe in coincidences? Has life ever made you happy with them?

Preview photo credit BoarderGod / Reddit
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