19 Crafty People Share the Results of Their Hard Work

Everyone is talented in some way. Some can draw complex patterns with one line, others create sculptures from metal, and the third ones can make portraits with the help of threads and needles. Of course, such hobbies require a lot of patience, but the result is always incredible. Just look at the polymer clay raspberries and a brooch in the shape of a tooth with braces on it!

We at Bright Side love crafty people and could look at their masterpieces for hours, especially at the first picture in this article.

1. “It took my dad roughly 2.5 years and a whole lot of small brushes to paint this. Here he is proudly presenting his best work!”

2. “A long time ago, my friend, an orthodontist, asked me to make her a brooch in the shape of a tooth with braces on it as a joke and forgot about her request. She forgot, but I didn’t.”

“I gave her this present for her birthday. My friend was happy, and that’s all that matters.”

3. “I made my daughter a dollhouse. It was the first time I made one.”

4. “I wrote an algorithm to create portraits from threads... this is how it turned out!”

5. Brooches made of cotton threads and beads

6. “Giant push pin lamp I designed and made”

7. “Super happy with how this metallic low poly sculpture turned out, finished it off with a spray-painted honed marble effect.”

8. Raspberries made of polymer clay

  • OMG, it’s the first time I see something decent made of polymer clay. Usually, those are some weird handicrafts. But this one — I would eat them immediately! ©MTaksa / Pikabu

9. “Finally! I finished this single-line abstract drawing last night and wanted to share!”

10. “My hand-painted food rocks”

11. “I knit a nightlight.”

12. “I made this needle felted albino bat.”

13. “Some wood and resin mini galaxy eggs I made.”

14. “I make sea glass art quilts using leftover fabric scraps. ”

15. “Origami Kabutomushi v3, designed by Kota Imai and folded by me from one uncut square of paper.”

16. “Small but spacious purse. The cats are made by the hand embossing technique together with artistic painting.”

17. The lace fence made by the resident of Shetland Islands, Anne Eunson

18. “I make jewelry boxes and mini drawers in my free time.”

19. “I made a mini Minecraft terrarium from moss.”

Tell us what you like to do when you have free time. Do you have any hobbies?

Preview photo credit Elvina.Brestel / Pikabu
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