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19 People Who Found a Way to Bring Magic Into Their Homes

Everyone wants their home to be as cozy and warm as possible. And while you can find everything you need at the store, some people choose to use their own hands to create that homey warmth. Whether it’s a unique Christmas tree or a very unusual planter, putting your imagination to work can create an atmosphere your neighbors will all be jealous of.

Bright Side dug up 19 innovative and unique ways for people to brighten up their homes.

1. A mini tea house that even the Queen would love

2. A Christmas tree your cat will show extra love to

3. A carpenter takes old, broken furniture and turns it into art.

4. An old guitar used as a planter

5. Don’t have space for both a piano and a desk? No problem.

6. When people build their own trees and create pure magic

7. Creating a small village of miniature houses

8. Who knew you could use pasta to make a tree?

9. As it turns out, an old piano can be used in many other ways.

10. An old guitar made of old CDs

11. The piano might not be working, but the aquarium looks so good!

12. This is what a few extra cards can make.

13. Turning a basement into a beautiful home theater

14. A guitar turned into a wall lamp.

15. Ready for takeoff?

16. Using old tires to build beds for cats and dogs

17. “Our Christmas ficus is worth all the teasing from our friends.”

18. A globe used as a table lamp

19. A bathtub got turned into a couch.

Have you created any innovative decorations for your home? If so, we’d love for you to share your creations with us.

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