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19 Things From People’s Attics That Have Only Gotten Better With Time

Many old things, clothes, and antiques remain relevant and get even more charming with age. Besides, some of them even remain fully functional.

We at Bright Side are always charmed by old things and we love learning about the old things that only get better with time.

“My grandma has owned these glasses for 36 years. Turns out that they are made with gold and rubies.”

“I thought I would show you my unique engagement ring, it was my late grandmother’s.”

“About 10 of 100+ Oriya Script Palm Leaf Manuscripts in my library. Beautiful old things!”

“Vintage pocket watch from the late 1800s. It has been passed down in the family for 4 generations.”

“Added a vintage fridge to our kitchen to complete the look.”

“My 1928 Ford Model A — It was my dad’s. I will pass it down to my son someday.”

“My friend found a turquoise collection from her grandma and sold it to me. These have sat in a basement for the last 40+ years.”

“Mom just gave me a family heirloom... A flask from the 1800s”

“My grandpa’s collection of first edition hardcover Harry Potter books. Worth well over $100,000!”

“A family heirloom. My granddad’s watch. My mom says he loved it very much.”

“The other vintage guitar in my family. Dad’s 1969 Gibson SG”

“An 18th-century leather-bound book”

“101 years old and still going strong... There’s nothing like a vintage fountain pen.”

“My grandpa’s razor I inherited, I used to watch him shave. 25-ish years later I’m here, cleaned it up, and threw a new razor in. 1940’s gold plated”

“Old Mexican ceramic earrings my mom bought 60 years ago when she was 13”

“Victorian wedding dress from the 1970s and an entire set of dinnerware from the middle of the 20th century. I’m happy!”

“Our $99 thrift store couch find feels like it was made for our living room.”

“It’s literally in perfect condition after almost 50 years and I love it so much!”

“I was ecstatic when I found this during the last hour of an estate sale! 1960-70s marble-top coffee table, and it was only $40!”

Do you have any things that have only gotten better with time?

Preview photo credit GiantRussianBear_ / Reddit
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