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19 Vivid Comparisons That Can Turn Your World Upside Down

Have you ever seen the size of a whale shark compared to a person? Do you know what a knife looks like after 20 years of use? Internet users share some photos that answer these and many other questions. By the way, the answers are even more interesting than you might think!

Bright Side is ready to share some incredible comparisons with our readers. Thanks to these pictures, we can see our world from a completely different angle!

19. A Venezuelan avocado and a German avocado from an eco-market

18. The same place in Tuscany: several months apart

17. On the left: a new water filter cartridge. On the right: one that has been used for 3 months.

16. This giant Mississippi mosquito

15. The deterioration of the calf muscle after breaking the left heel

14. A tan and the natural skin tone on the same person

13. A 20-year-old knife compared to a brand new one

12. An 11-day-old mouse and a newborn

11. “My parents and their first house in 1963 and today”

10. Berlin on the edge of time

9. A whale shark and divers

8. Stairs built in 1829 vs 2005

7. The way friends change

6. A Ken doll made in 1985 vs A Ken doll made in 2018

5. A liger's paw (a hybrid of a lion and a tiger) at the age of 9 weeks and 1.5 years

4. This is how one person can change the world.

3. Robert Irwin feeding the same crocodile, in the same place as his father, Steve Irwin, 15 years later

2. The biggest goose egg and the smallest hen egg on the farm

1. Internet users actively discuss the difference between Kylie Jenner's photos published one day apart.

Let’s play! Compare 2 things, take a photo, and add it to the comments!

Preview photo credit sum1otherthanme / reddit
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