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20 Easter Eggs Hidden in Plain Sight That Turned Life Into One Big Egg Hunt

Easter eggs are little jokes, interesting details, hidden messages, or objects that the most attentive and lucky of us find in video games, movies, and other media. Thanks to some gifted and creative people, real life can sometimes turn into a quest for little secrets. An ordinary street pole can turn out to be a cartoon character, and an innocent book store can surprise you with an unexpected horror film scene.

We at Bright Side love searching for Easter eggs in movies and cartoons, and after seeing these 20 pics, we’ll start looking for hidden surprises in real life too. We hope you share our enthusiasm and we wish you a happy hunt!

1. Someone creative turned this ivy-covered pole into Marge Simpson...

2. ...and here’s her husband Homer.

3. “I thought these sorts of things only happened out in the country, not in the middle of the city.”

4. “I found Pi on the sidewalk.”

5. An embossed lizard someone found underneath the windshield wiper of their car.

6. A water tower with a smiley face on it

7. “This book store has a red balloon above the Stephen King section.”

8. “This Yeti I found on the border of the back window of my Jeep”

9. “Someone put googly eyes on this tree stump.”

10. “This QR code etched into a rock along a forest trail in my city”

11. Someone painted a banana on the floor of a grocery store.

12. The peace sign on this can lid that the manufacturer left for us to find

13. “This electric box has stickers on it to make it look like apartments.”

14. There’s a shark silhouette in this wood siding.

15. “My garden hose nozzle has a smiley face on it.”

16. A basketball player trying to throw the ball into the basket

17. “I only noticed it today after using the same route for 2 years.”

18. “This frog statue I found tied up on the roof of the house we just bought”

19. “The bollards outside this school in Dublin look like pencils.”

20. Snoopy sleeping on top of someone’s roof that one lucky person spotted during their walk

Have you ever found a real life Easter egg? What was it? Show us the pics of your unexpected discoveries in the comments!

Preview photo credit JimFancyPants / Reddit