20+ Husbands Who Know How to Make Their Wives Laugh

Psychologists say that humor plays a great role in choosing your soul mate because it shows how compatible you and your partner are. In fact, your jokes usually reveal your background knowledge, worldview, and personal values. So if your sense of humor is similar to your loved ones, your relationships will most probably be more productive and enjoyable.

Bright Side gathered 23 photos showing that you can never get bored if your husband turns out to be your perfect match with a brilliant sense of humor.

23. "Every morning my father puts down bird food in the driveway for my mother to wake up on this view."

22. "I proposed to my girlfriend at the aquarium with this sign."

21. "My brother surprised his wife with 2 alpacas."

20. When your wife doesn't want to get out of bed:

19. "My husband got me this blanket for Christmas."

18. "My husband didn't want to carve pumpkins."

17. "My wife ran and won her age group in her first 5k. Here are a couple pictures I made during the race."

16. "I asked my husband to put the pillowcases on the pillows."

15. When your husband gets slightly annoyed by your used BAND-AID that you left around:

14. "My wife turned 38, I discovered I didn’t have an 8 candle, so I improvised."

13. "My husband takes a selfie with every dog he meets."

12. "My wife wanted me to only take serious pictures with my groomsman."

11. When your wife likes to pile clothes on your chair:

10. "Our king size bed keeps getting smaller and smaller."

9. "I told my husband to go put on a nice shirt and this is what I got."

8. "I let my husband decorate the bathroom."

7. "I found my husband like this getting our one year old to bed."

6. The hottest husband ever

5. "That's how my husband solves problems."

“Giant Beetle”

4. “Went to NYC on business and had to show my wife I wasn’t enjoying it without her.”

3. “It’s my wife’s birthday and I did my best.”

2. “Day 14 of wife being on a work trip...”

1. “I asked my husband to take a picture of us on our wedding night. This was the only one he took.”

Does your husband or boyfriend have a brilliant sense of humor? Or maybe it’s you who usually pranks them? Share your funny stories in the comments!

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