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20 Objects That Seem to Know the Secret of Eternal Youth

We are used to most things being disposable, so short-lived that we soon have to buy a new “improved” version. In the past, manufacturers thought very differently, making things with materials whose useful life spanned decades. It may sound like a made-up story, but there is evidence to prove this is true. Some lucky people have old items in their homes and are very proud to own them, as they are still using them without any problems.

At Bright Side, we searched for real examples of objects that are older than us and still work like a charm to show they really do exist.

1. “A 122-year-old pocket watch my grandfather gifted me still works like a charm with original internals.”

2. “1949 Caloric Ultra-matic gas range. Got it for $20, and it’s used daily. Everything works!”

3. “This was already old when my grandmother gave it to me in 1994. Been used regularly ever since.”

4. “Microsoft USB IntelliMouse, still working after 22 years.”

5. “61 years ago, my parents received this waffle maker as a wedding present in 1961. Still makes great waffles.”

6. “Maytags still churning out laundry 45 years later and counting.”

7. “My mom’s great grandma’s cherry pitter from 1867. I’ll be using this on my own cherries next season!”

8. “My grandmother’s sewing machine from the 50s, still hemming jeans.”

9. “1950 Frigidaire (by General Motors)”

10. “My dad plugged this in over 50 years ago. Still works.”

11. “My mom’s 40-year-old canvas shopping bags. Well-made canvas is practically indestructible.”

12. “Anchor hocking fire king McDonald’s mug from the 70s”

13. “Sleeping on these sheets since the 80s”

14. “My grandma has had the same blender since the 1970s, still works perfectly. Not repaired even once.”

15. “My coworker says this lunchbox was his Grandpa’s from before he was born. So, probably from the 60s or 70s.”

16. “The chandelier at our cottage has this vintage light bulb from the early 1900s. It still works!”

17. “I inherited this toaster from the 1920s around 10 years ago, and it has worked great every single day.”

18. “In 2000, I was studying overseas and cringed as I forked over $10 for the plainest pencil I could find in the university bookstore.”

“I had no idea it would become my forever favorite, and I’d carry it everywhere for the next 22 years.”

19. “Here are my Orka Silicone oven mitts that have lasted 15 years. They look like new.”

20. “Family heirloom Thanksgiving Cactus, 100 years old, three generations in the family.”

Do you have anything in your home that is beyond your age and still works? What modern objects or products would you like to see last much longer?

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