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20+ Old Objects That Just Needed Some Cleaning to Look Like a Million Bucks

Some of us prefer to get rid of old stuff, while others know that even old and dirty things can get a second life if you make an effort to clean them. As a result, you get a double benefit: you save your family budget, and you enjoy the work you’ve done.

At Bright Side, we began to think about whether we should follow the example of the people in this article because sometimes, even an ordinary brush and bleach can make miracles.

When you forgot that your plastic window could be white:

To achieve this result, a drill and a wire cup brush were used, as well as 2 cans of Coke.

It turned out that there was a decent door under all these layers of dirt.

An old, moldy garden bench can also be brought back to life.

“My husband thought the steps weren’t dirty. After an hour of work, I sent him a picture of exhibit A.”

“I cleaned my stainless steel dishwasher, and I feel euphoric.”

“We had no idea the patio was hiding so many colors.”

It turned out that the crystal chandelier didn’t darken over time.

“6 pumice stones, 1 can of scouring powder, and 2 and a half solid hours of scrubbing, and here we are.”

It was looking kind of rough before.

A new bench is a well-washed old one.

“I brought my favorite sweater back to life using a lint roller and an electric fabric shaver.”

Look at this contrast!

This cutting board will serve you much longer.

“It took me 2 hours of scrubbing.”

“I scrubbed all the burn marks from a 5-year-old pot. It took me an hour, but I’m super proud.”

The before and after the cleaning of a door — the number of dogs doesn’t count...

“I cleaned this cast iron cooking stove from 1904. It’s still shiny!”

“A quick dusting of my grandma’s ceiling fan that hasn’t been dusted in years”

“The hob hasn’t been cleaned for 2 years. It took me 2 hours and a lot of scrubbing to remove the dried-on layers.”

If you look only at the photo to the right, it might seem that this dishwasher has never been used.

What’s easier for you: buying a new item or cleaning an old one thoroughly? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit hazel3030 / Reddit
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