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20+ Old Things That Still Look Cool, Even Decades Later

Many things from the past become obsolete and end up in dumpsters. But among the old stuff, there are some things that not only function properly but also amaze millennials. For example, a wall-mount refrigerator that is more than 60 years old or an old designer chair that costs more than $3,000, even today, are just a couple of items that continue to shock us.

Internet users have shown these and other things that they’ll never throw away, despite the fact that they’re really old. And we at Bright Side totally support this.

“Still operational, an original 1957 wall-mount refrigerator”

This house has a built-in cassette player audio system.

“This glorious antique sofa is $100 and in near perfect condition!”

The Seiko TV Watch, 1982

“Found this limited edition Taz Polaroid camera at the thrift shop today!”

“This stove has rang the bell for many years!”

This is a Hans J. Wegner 1963 Shell Chair. Today, such a chair costs just over $3,000.

“We thrifted this horrifying lobster clock. The cashier told us it was originally from the Soviet Union. Something similar is sold at $3,200.”

An Italian table lamp made of glass from the 1980s

It’s a vintage laundry hamper.

“This is a 1978 Creators Swinging Couple Rain Lamp. Found this at a thrift store for $30 without the figures.”

“Originally, it was $60 for both. Now, they cost more than $1,000.”

“My mom thrifted this cool makeup mirror from the 1960s and 1970s.”

This is a lava lamp that was made in Great Britain in the 1970s. It’s definitely better than all these modern Chinese lamps.

“I used to play with this Tonka truck when I was a child. Now, my 4-year-old son plays with it.”

“My 32-year-old Maytag stackable washer/dryer that hasn’t needed repairs in over 15 years”

“My grandmother received this Aerolux bulb as a baby gift in 1948. It still lights up!”

“My great-grandmother’s Moka, with an interesting design, is at least 60 years old.”

A unique rocker

This perforator dates to around 1910 and works flawlessly every time.

“I’ve used this watch for 37 years now.”

“My 1970s Chrome Sunbeam Mixmaster is still running strong today!”

Do you have any old things at your house that still amaze you?

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