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20+ People That Decluttered Their Homes and Shared Their Before and After Photos

Organizing your closet, decluttering your kitchen cabinets, or cleaning your bathroom are not the easiest tasks. But it looks so nice and feels so good when your shelves are only filled with the proper things.

At Bright Side, we decided to figure out how internet users cope with this problem. And we were really impressed with their before/after photos. As a bonus, you’ll find the cutest way to use open bookshelves.

“From a clothing mountain to neatly ordered drawers, and room to grow. Finally, a wardrobe where every last item sparks joy!”

“It took a while, but my embroidery yarn sparks so much joy now!”

“11 trash bags full of donations later, and I can finally say that my closet and everything in it sparks joy.”

" I’m finding joy by organizing and decluttering my pantry."

“My sister asked for help with her linen closet and I think we did a great job.”

“Old book-ends keep my shirts tidy as I approach laundry day and my drawer gets emptier.”

“Before and after! I only cried 4,543 times during this process.”

“I converted my clutter graveyard into my bedroom!”

“From an episode of Hoarders to an episode of Tidying Up! I’m so proud of this one!”

“The place that has been, ‘I’ll just drop it there for a minute’ for 24 years is finally clear and tidy!”

“My kitchen is officially gorgeous.”

“I’m really happy with the results.”

“My pantry. I’ve been wanting to achieve this sparkling pantry for years! Finally!”

“My husband’s magazines vs The articles he kept them for”

“I decluttered my junk-magnet kitchen unit and created a tea and coffee station.”

“This is my before/after.”

“I did my desk drawers.”

“My jewelry before and after! My jewelry now brings me joy and I can see it all!”

“I finished clothes and it feels so good! I thought I liked everything I had, but said goodbye to 5 bags instead!”

“I didn’t capture it, but 6 bags of trash are gone!”

“Clothes-tidying complete. 10 garbage bags later”

Bonus: Open bookshelves are an excellent way to show everyone what you really love.

Do you have an experience of space organizing? What would you recommend to other readers? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

Preview photo credit unknown author / reddit
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