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20+ People Who Found the Deal of a Lifetime

Most of these people made their discoveries while dumpster diving, the waste-friendly (and exciting) activity of making other people’s trash your gold. They prove that with a good eye and the know-how you can find gold and treasure in the most unexpected places. Enjoy these spectacular discoveries and see if you can pick up some tricks for collecting your own gold!

1. “Silver ring find in dumpster”

2. “I found this ring in the dumpster! Had it appraised and found out it’s a handmade gold ring from the ’60s-’70s!”

“Its 14k gold band is worth $200+ (stone is glass).”

3. “Did I find 30 pairs of brand new $120 boots in a shoe store dumpster? Do all of my friends now have said pair of boots? Yes on all fronts.”

4. “The time I found real gold in the TJ maxx dumpster!!!”

5. “David Yurman signed sterling silver ring found last night.”

6. “My find the other night in the apartments! Both in separate bags! My best find yet.”

7. “$187 shoes found. Don’t look like they were worn twice.”

8. “Went out to post the letter, came back with a power Mac G4... so heavy.”

9. “Someone asked what the coolest thing I’ve ever found was: this ancient Roman ring in the original envelope with a certificate of authenticity.”

10. “I got a big box of jewelry. The ring, pendant, wristwatch, and pocket watch are all 14k gold and the rest of the stuff pictured are sterling.”

11. “I found this beauty on the side of the road. It’s comfortable and really sturdy.”

12. “Found some good silver and gold tonight. I can’t believe a thrift shop would throw all this out.”

“The 2 small rings and chain are 14kt, the big ring is 10kt, the jewelry on the right are 925, and the salt and pepper shakers are 950 sterling.”

13. “14k gold ring with nephrite jade and cultured pearls I found dumpster diving. That ring is great, it’s somewhere between size 13-13.5.”

14. “Today I just found these shoes worth more than 600 euros in my size. 3 of the pairs are brand new.”

15. “Found a bag of jewelry last night. This particular ring is the best tho.”

“I tested the stones, and they are real white and black diamonds, so I assume the metal is real platinum, but I don’t have the correct acid to test the ring.”

16. “Guitar player in my band found this while diving! *possibly vintage* Gucci bracelet!”

17. “Found these men’s Mezlan dress shoes for $30, they’re made from lizard skin and they go for about $1500 new.”

18. “Went dumpster diving at the largest gem and mineral show in the world and found a broken fossilized alligator skull.”

19. “After untangling close to 20 chains and a bunch of other costume jewelry, I can finally say I found something good.”

“It’s a signed sterling silver Zuni pendant/pin with a 14k white gold chain. Found it tonight in the dumpster of a semi local thrift shop.”

20. “Found this dumpster diving tonight... everything but the chain strap marked and tested as 14k gold.”

21. “Scored this monkey butler today! His tray was broken, so I made him a new one with a saw, plywood, and black paint.”

“Once the paint dries I’ll set a plant on it.”

22. “Found this beauty in a jewelry box mixed in with a bunch of fake jewelry.”

“14K yellow gold, with a 1K tanzanite gem in the middle, surrounded by 23 genuine baguette diamonds. Having it appraised in 2 days.”

23. “Wife found some vintage uranium glass while diving. Glows super bright under UV light.”

Have you ever tried dumpster diving? Do you think buying secondhand is better?

Preview photo credit Grabitfaster / Reddit
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