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20+ People Who Don’t Need a Fashion Designer to Put Together a Cool Outfit

There are 2 types of people. For the first group, it’s easier to throw out something old and buy something new, while the second group prefers to remake an old item or make new clothes with their own hands. And it’s not that the former are lazy and the latter are creative. They just love to work with their hands and are always full of ideas for new outfits.

At Bright Side, we admire self-made clothing masterpieces and we want you to see them too.

“Made these two looks based on how I grew up in Soweto, a township in South Africa, in tribute to my grandmother.”

“My cousin made this dress using 36 recycled clothes.”

“I made myself a gathered skirt-pinafore convertible thing!”

“Sometimes you have an idea and can’t get away from it. This idea captured me, and I made this skirt in 2 days.”

“The upper skirt is made of semi-wool with embroidery. The lower one is made of gabardine and the 2 ruffles are made of taffeta. The skirt happened to be quite heavy, so I had to strengthen the belt and sew on additional buttons.”

“I made my very first historical costume (18th century-inspired) out of flour sacks and old curtains. It’s self-patterned, hand-sewn, and embroidered.”

“I made one of those ‘my rich husband died of mysterious circumstances’ robes and I’ve never felt more powerful.”

“I made a dress out of old thrifted lace curtains and scrap lining!”

“I found an old loop scarf and made a dress out of it.”

“So, I found this loop scarf which I never wore. But I thought the fabric was pretty, so I thought I‘d make something out of it. I‘m not very experienced, but somehow I made it work. First I sewed the top part (just a tube) and then I somehow managed to cut out an acceptable pattern for the skirt. This was a little hard because there wasn‘t so much fabric left. After attaching the skirt part to the top part, I attached 2 straps and that’s about it. Also, I sewed everything by hand because I‘m terrified of our sewing machine and don’t know how to use it.”

“I made a dress out of a thrifted $2.99 bedsheet!”

“I made this shirt and kerchief combo from 2 men’s shirts!”

“My t-shirt was boring, so I embroidered Michelangelo’s David on it.”

I made this apron dress with free fabric from the fabric store.”

“I made my own homecoming dress.”

“I designed, sketched, and made this dress. My grandma was a great help the whole way through, but I picked all the fabrics, flowers, etc. I arranged the flowers and the lights inside the tulle. It’s quite heavy, and weighs around 10 pounds.”

“I was making Belle’s ball gown and at some point it got too big for my apartment!”

“The creation of the dress took a few months, I worked on it in between school and work, whenever I had a spare moment.”

“The image of a woman that was created by Christian Dior in 1947 wouldn’t leave me, so eventually, I made it real.”

“This dress has 2 layers. The top layer is made of translucent checked organza that is supported by thick cotton. Even though the dress seems light and airy, it’s quite heavy, and the cotton is so dense that if you add another layer to the bodice, it will successfully work as body armor.”

“I made my wedding dress. It’s not perfect, but it’s exactly what I wanted.”

“I embroidered a star map onto these jeans!”

“Grid lines are done by machine, and the rest by hand.”

“I made a gold prom dress for my precious daughter.”

“The engagement photo dress I designed and constructed.”

“Self-drafted bomber jacket. I saw the fabric and knew I had to make something out of it.”

“It’s my first crack at a jacket and the first real wearable garment I’ve made for myself! I drafted the pattern myself using a jacket I own as a reference.”

“I embroidered the first fox to cover a small hole, the second fox was done to keep the first one a company.”

“I upcycled it from a curtain and blanket I found at Goodwill! I copied the pattern off of a work jacket.”

“A self-drafted blouse I made from silk and an antique lace collar. I love Edwardian fashion, and I’m trying to incorporate that style into my wardrobe more.”

“I made a dress from a pattern I made myself.”

Have you ever made an item of clothing with your own hands? Share your work in the comments below.

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