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20+ People Who Thrive at Solving Problems

Believe it or not, problems can be a true gift sometimes. Without them, we would not have an opportunity to wind up our brains while trying to find the best solutions. And even watching others solve their issues can become a source of inspiration for us.

We at Bright Side have found some astonishingly beautiful minds who love to improvise and outsmart reality.

1. “There is no sand in Austria, so we used snow.”

2. “Safety first (even for gangsters).”

3. “Student drew 10 additional fingers to solve online math problems.”

4. “My steering wheel stand, works great!”

5. “Toilet lid wouldn’t stay closed, a butter knife and a clothing hanger did it.”

6. “This swing set has a 2-in-1 swing for babies and adults to swing at the same time.”

7. “Apple Store in NYC has music bars but using AirPods instead of notes.”

8. “My coconut that I bought at an Asian airport has an aluminum tab to open it.”

9. “Street workers theft prevention is always creative.”

10. “My mom made this suggestion when having to get in and out of my truck.”

11. “This creative conduit disguise in my local Jamaican restaurant”

12. “I didn’t have a capo so I used a clothespin, a rubber band, and a little bit of creativity.”

13. “Found this on a walk.”

14. “Grandparents corner at my son’s 3rd birthday party.”

15. “Creative solution to a smashed rear windshield.”

16. “Short HDMI cable? No problem.”

17. “My dad never wanted to spend the money on a new toy after my Woody doll broke. So I made this.”

18. “My brother got tired of his kids losing the remotes.”

19. “Found my $150 quart of ceramic paint tied to a tree at the edge of the woods 10 feet from the driveway. Thanks, UPS.”

20. “Forgot to bring my sunglasses to work. The only pair I had in my car was my toddler’s.”

21. “This creative hood ornament.”

22. “These broken chairs in the hospital got casts.”

23. “An interesting way to dry your shoes”

Are there any things you prefer to fix yourself? Do you have any useful or just funny tips on how to solve some day-to-day issues? Please share with us all in the comments below.

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