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20 Photos That Made Our Hearts Tremble With Sadness

Time heals all wounds and all the sad moments eventually pass, but they can live on in memories and pictures. People around the world have found comfort in sharing the sadder parts of life online, connecting with other empathetic souls out there.

We at Bright Side want our readers to know they never have to feel like they’re alone, so we’re sharing photos of sad stories from people around the world.

1. “My grandpa’s last goal in life was to dance with my wife at our wedding. He did just that with only 2 months to spare.”

2. “My husband’s dog, Danzig has carried around his owner’s hat since he left for Afghanistan.”

3. “This quilt my sister made me is in honor of our mom we lost to cancer in March. Each square is cut from one of her favorite blouses.”

4. “Had to put down my buddy yesterday...but he went out as he lived: chewing on good food and loving life!”

5. “My sister lost her boyfriend of nearly 10 years a couple of weeks ago. This is how my vicious pitbull handled her sadness.”

6. “Me: 1, depression: 0!”

7. “Flying home to be with my dog for his last day tomorrow. Don’t think I’ve ever been this sad before.”

8. “I’ve been suffering from depression for a couple of years now, but today I got out of bed and I’m proud of myself for that.”

9. “He was sad playtime was over and he had to go inside.”

10. “My Grandma died last week and asked for the first rose my Grandpa ever gave her to be buried with her.”

The note says:

“Mary Ann —

When I die open this box, put in casket and bury with me. It’s the 1st rose I got from Dad.



11. “Kangaroo Island in Australia — really sad...”

12. “My sister will die from cancer today. A room full of exhausted loved ones will be fighting with her!”

13. “My wife’s grandma died in her room dog always protected her. He’s been keeping vigil all day, looking for his friend.”

14. “Last week, my wife passed after a 2-year battle with breast cancer. Got this to remember her. The dark green grass is modeled after an audio recording of her saying, ’I Love You.’”

15. “You don’t know what it feels like being alone on Christmas until you’re the lone traveler in an international airport concourse.”

16. “One of the last pics I’ll get of my mother alive with her grandsons. She’s fought a hard battle against pancreatic cancer and it’s unfortunately almost over.”

17. “My dad died this year. I recreated this photo of us from 1983 with my husband and son.”

18. “2 lonely souls not destined to meet”

19. “The true face of sadness”

20. “A hidden waterfall near Chiang Mai, Thailand — sad that the path to it was tainted by trash.”

Bonus: “Service vehicles lined a local children’s hospital and flashed their lights so the kids didn’t feel alone!”

What are some other pictures you’ve seen that bring a tear to your eye? Please share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Unknown / Imgur