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20 Photos That Prove Boys and Girls Live in Two Parallel Worlds

For the tenth time, you’ve shown your partner the thing that they were desperately looking for and it was right in front of them. We’ve developed a theory that they really can’t see it because it only exists in your reality. But when you point it out, it transfers into their world and they’re suddenly able to see it. But if you’re still not convinced that women and men come from different words, we want to show you some more striking pieces of evidence.

After looking at these 20 photos, Bright Side can’t help but wonder how we even understand each other. And we’re sure you’ll begin to question yourself too.

20. “My girlfriend says that I own too many video games. I sent her this.”

19. “My wife asked me what color I liked the most.”

18. Her husband wanted to cheer her up when she was giving birth.

17. “My girlfriend uses a timer to wake up instead of an alarm.”

16. “Look at the way my wife leaves the eggshells in the carton instead of throwing them into the trash.”

15. “I spent the whole afternoon installing this. My wife, ladies and gentlemen.”

14. “I’m not sure if my wife understands what freezer bags are for.”

13. “Wife decided we needed a HEPA filter in our bedroom. She picked it out and set it up. She said that she didn’t think it worked. I decided to change the filter 6 months later...I blame myself.”

12. “The ’my wife/girlfriend made me go to the mall’ support group is underway.”

11. His girlfriend told him that she had no room anymore in her wardrobe because of all his stuff. But it seems he only has shoes in there.

10. “When you leave your husband alone with the garden decor”

9. “My girlfriend just sent me this image and asked if this was an HDMI cable.”

8. “I had a fever last night and my boyfriend thought the thermometer was a pregnancy test.”

7. “I’m trying to teach my girlfriend how the thermostat works.”

6. When you finally understand how to use your girlfriend’s stuff:

5. “The cat liked this keyboard and my boyfriend came up with a solution.”

4. “My boyfriend put this up on his fridge last April. I left him a note.”

3. “I asked my bf to grab lettuce on his way home.”

2. “I guess my boyfriend didn’t quite understand when I said he should be the penguin.”

1. “My girlfriend asked what the ’no’ on this switch meant.”

Do you have any arguments to confirm our theory?

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