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20 Surprising Things Home Owners Found That Even Renovation TV Shows Wouldn’t Expect

Having a house without a front door, with stairs leading to nowhere, or with secret rooms can add some Hogwarts vibes to the whole story. And when we dreamt of leaving our parents’ houses, nobody told us that these were not the only type of things we could suddenly find behind our own doors.

Bright Side found some people who have gone through this and even had the time to take a picture to share with us.

1. “Bought a house that had a hidden room, I found it when I parked a bus on it.”

2. “This house has a tea kettle on top of it.”

3. “The beach house I stayed in has a window specifically designed to make a boat’s shadow appear on an ocean horizon.”

4. “A house down the road from me has an entrance for hedgehogs.”

5. “On my second day of owning a home, I said hello to the 120-year-old bricks hiding under the plaster!”

6. “My house is a 112-year-old hospital, It still has the original fire extinguisher.”

7. “My friend’s house has a water fountain.”

8. “My house, built around 1900, has a doggy paw print in the cement slab in the basement.”

9. “My house has a working toilet at the top of the basement stairs.”

10. “This house has no front door.”

11. “My house has 2 toilets facing each other.”

12. “My mother-in-law’s new house has a built-in cassette player that plays through the entire house.”

13. “The house I’m staying in has a staircase that leads to nowhere.”

14. “The house flooded and we needed to remove all the wet carpet. Found this floor safe.”

15. “My parent’s house has a floor above the front door that is carpeted, but not accessible.”

16. “My parent’s house has a toaster from the ’70s that retracts into the wall.”

17. “This house has a cat-themed white picket fence.”

18. “My father in law found this under a house. There is something inside, you can hear something bang.”

19. “Found a second secret door at the house we just bought.”

20. “This is what my dad found when he investigated a strange vibration he could feel while inside his house.”

What is the feature of your home that you like the most?

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