20+ Things That Were One Man’s Trash, but Became Another Man’s Treasure

The British survey showed that people prefer buying second-hand items to purchasing brand new ones. And we decided to go further and find out which of the treasures these people remember as examples of being in the right place, at the right time.

Bright Side enjoyed reading these stories and feels a little bit jealous about which treasures some lucky people managed to find at thrift shops. At the end of this article, you’ll find a bonus — a story from our reader who found something unusual right on the street.

“I saw a woman who was selling designer clothes for pennies. I got this Gucci bag for $60.”

“It seemed like this woman just wanted to make people happy. At home, I found out that these bags cost $1,500 at Gucci’s official brand stores.”

“I bought this ring for $75 at a vintage clothing show. It wasn’t marked for metal content, just had a HOB mark. It turned out to be a platinum ring with a sapphire and diamonds.”

“I found this shirt for $2 in a gigantic pile of used clothes in Barcelona. I nearly fainted after checking the label.”

“I bought a new Italian buffet made of solid ash for $5,000 at an online marketplace, and its price at the store is about $80,000.”

“Our local thrift shops sell all their items for 69¢ on Mondays. Today, I managed to buy this Armani Jeans pencil dress.”

“I bought this clutch bag for $1.50, while they usually cost more than $250 in ordinary shops. But it was the only time I got so lucky.”

“I bought an ivory boy figurine at a flea market for $10.”

“I’d been dreaming of this sofa for a long time and found it for only $10.”

“I bought a set of 1893 antique silver cutlery for $24. It’s a shame that it’s missing one fork.”

“This is my best find. I bought a pair of Valentino shoes in my size for only $80. They retailed for $975.”

“I found this ring in a huge bowl, labeled ‘$5 each.’ The mark on it was partly removed, and the sellers didn’t realize that this is a white gold ring.”

“Today, I found a $4 dress I’m going to get married in. This is exactly how I imagined my perfect wedding outfit.”

“I love the little details in the lace and how it covers my body.”

“I bought a nearly new Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine for $13! They retail for about $900-$1,200.”

“My wife and I finally found the last piece to complete our sitting room — a vintage chandelier to replace a terrible ceiling fan.”

“I dress so much better now that the majority of my clothes are thrifted, and I don’t buy my outfits at mass-market stores.”

“This is a designer outfit, that only cost me $21.50.”

“I feel blessed by the thrift gods today. I bought this set with 38 pieces for $20, and I’m in love with it.”

“My wife and I got all these vintage books for $30. Some of them are pretty rare.”

“I was worried that I’d have nothing to wear to a wedding. But I was lucky to find this $20 suit.”

“I just adjusted it a bit — I made the sleeves longer and made the pants narrower and shorter.”

“Always check the drawers! I bought a Bombay jewelry chest and found a gold necklace inside.”

“The breadmaker for $12. I love this machine and now, I always have fresh bread at my house.”

“The wife might not like it, but I could not miss this near-mint rocking chair for $20 that can rotate 360°.”

“I bought this necklace for $20. I’d pay the same price even if it was silver-plated, but it’s real silver, just unmarked.”

Bonus: Once, I found a bag at a flea market with a wooden box, where fake Rolex and Longines were mixed with real ones. There were about 20 watches in there."

When was the last time you bought second-hand items? What are your impressions of your purchase?

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