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20 Touching Photos That Prove Money Can’t Buy Happiness

They say that happiness doesn’t depend on wealth and it’s been proven time and time again. Even in the simplest and humblest of things, the world shares all sorts of happiness, beauty, and innocence with us. All it takes is a little imagination and a lot of love to make the most of this world.

Bright Side is really inspired by these photos that prove happiness is found where you make it! Make sure to check our bonus that shows how happiness can appear when it’s least expected.

1. Cameras are overrated anyway.

2. Life is always sunny with a friend by your side.

3. A little imagination can make the world a more vibrant place.

4. “Mexico circa 1989 — I was too happy to understand how poor we were.”

5. Who needs a pool?

6. You should always take a second to look around the world.

7. Is there any love purer than that between a child and their dog?

8. A belly rub can solve nearly all of life’s little problems.

9. Anything can become a toy if you just believe.

10. We all need this reminder now and again.

11. A little buddy can make all the difference in life.

12. Your imagination can help you make your own world.

13. Even a little sawdust can create a world of happiness.

14. Swimming holes...does your local swimming pool have views like this?

15. When a homeless man in Brazil was rushed to a hospital, 4 dogs he took care of stood by to keep an eye on their friend.

16. A homeless man in Nashville created this work of art with simple cardboard.

17. “While in Vilnius, Lithuania, I was stopped by this gentleman who wanted his photo taken and to sing for me. He was quite the character!”

18. You’ve just got to love his spirit.

19. Birds of a feather smile together.

20. “This is what pure happiness looks like.”

Bonus: Money can’t buy happiness, but it can still be put to good use...after a mother posted about being homeless on social media, a group of mothers on Reddit sent help, complete with diapers and toys.

Preview photo credit MisterDecember / Reddit
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