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21 People Who Are a Shoo-In for the “Most Creative” Award

Usually, there are creativity awards given out for design, advertising or literary fields, but after seeing this collection, we are ready to give out a "Creative Life Award".

We can't say that we lack creativity here at Bright Side, but we would've hired anyone from this list in a heartbeat. If any of you are reading this, ring us up!

Pretty cool motivational gym shirt idea

This Mexican restaurant has chilled toilet paper for your butt.

Why aren't these in every school?

This restaurant toilet has a sink on top to wash your hands with fresh water when you flush, saving you money and water!

Instructions about the dog for party guests

A creative way to support a "Save the Trees" campaign

When it gets cold people start putting these out.

A simple way to make your shower a lot easier to use.

We wonder how this smooth, creative guy got the outline without exposing the secret.

A creative painting on barrier bars

Feel like a superhero no matter what your gender is!

A creative kid and his even more creative mother

Safety can be cool.

A French advertisement for glasses

The guys who deliver Pepsi products to my local store decided to get creative.

At least this Metallica fanboy is creative!

Cute and creative

Rhyming always works better.

"My nephew meeting my niece. We can’t stop smiling!"

This fire extinguisher that works as an actual functioning globe

The snow mailman

Tell us in the comment section below if any of these photos have inspired you to be more creative - we'd love to hear from you!

Preview photo credit GallowBoob/reddit
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