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21 People Who Suddenly Attracted Good Luck, and It Was Unforgettable

The people featured in this article have never cared about their luck. But one day, a person found a wedding ring with diamonds in a bin and another received a letter from Hogwarts. Unbelievable luck!

Bright Side bets you’ll want to buy a lottery ticket after looking through these pictures.

“Stepped on this pin crossing the street yesterday.”

“That feeling when you’re getting in your car and notice a squirrel there”

“My diamond ring has been missing since 2004 and turned up on a garden carrot.”

“This day belongs to me.”

The best thing that can happen after doing the laundry

“My friend’s cousin stayed home New Year’s night so he could spend it with his sister.”

“I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

This young couple met Johnny Depp in a train. He bought them a bottle of champagne and talked to them the whole way.

“I was cleaning out my great grandmother’s home and just found this. Unbelievable.”

“Ordered a shirt for my kid for Christmas. It came a month late, but they sent me 20.”

“When I met my wife, it turned out we had similar looking birthmarks on our thighs.”

“Bought some eggs. Look what I’ve got now!”

“I’m insanely jealous of my wife’s new working conditions.”

Want a double coconut?

“We found 2 diamond rings wrapped in a shopping list in a display trash bin in IKEA.”

“My daughter was nervous around dogs, and then she met this guy. He let her love on him for 20 minutes and afterward, her fear was gone.”

“My friends met last week and just discovered their guitars were made one after the other.”

“Brought my little girl to her first rock concert today, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The band brought her on stage to bow at the end of the show with them, and gave her a signed guitar, pick, and setlist.”

“I own the key shown on the cover of this book.”

“Baby was crying while I was in the bathroom but suddenly stopped. I came out to find this.”

“My Hogwarts acceptance letter finally arrived!”

Are you a lucky person? Tell us about your luck in the comments!

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