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20+ Photos That Oddly Bring Satisfaction to Our Eyes

Finding satisfaction in what we see every day leads to a favorable life. This gives us more reason to lighten the load and enjoy the little things we come across daily. It might be a cliché, but it’s worth a try.

Bright Side enjoys browsing over odd but satisfying eye candy during break time. That’s why we are eager to share some pics we found that’ll surely give your eyes pleasure.

1. “How this plate broke”

2. “Uranium glass under UV light.”

3. “Peeled citrus fruits”

4. “The pattern in my park’s grass kind of looks like the surface of a brain.”

5. “The way my 4-year-old arranged the eggs”

6. “The pattern I made in this cheese while grating it.”

7. “The difference a pressure washer makes. The old owners never cleaned their backyard.”

8. “This blossom on my camellia bush”

9. “The way my last 6 M&Ms were in the tube”

10. “This tree was peeled like a banana by a lightning strike.”

11. “I’ve been spring cleaning and tackled my Tupperware cupboard.”

12. “Week’s worth of daily vitamins and meds, organized”

13. “A good cabling job does it for me fam.”

14. “Dr. Seuss-like tree”

15. “The way the peg ’peels’ the snow.”

16. “My two wiener dog cups accidentally made an even longer dog.”

17. “Night sky/electric purple sky petunias”

18. “The way the water beaded on our patio furniture”

19. “Homemade Algerian baklava”

20. “Smallest paper boats I ever made”

21. “Plates of a pocket watch from 1919 after cleaning 103 years worth of tarnish”

22. “My avocado today was 11/10.”

23. “How my sister filled the cookie jar”

24. “I found the symmetry of these cars lined up at a dealership very satisfying.”

25. “This is how I prep and store my watermelon.”

26. “I am a painter for a sign company. For the last two years, I have been painting a sample of each color.”

27. “The ways these buckets are stacked”

Which of these photos did you find mesmerizing? Which of them made you look twice?

Preview photo credit Cutty* / Reddit, Zeffer77 / Reddit
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