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22 People Who Clearly Have Their Priorities in Order

Sometimes it might be hard to choose what’s really crucial in the moment and sometimes you can make a decision without even thinking. But, there are people who have their priorities straight once and forever.

We at Bright Side love a good laugh. Today we’ve collected a set of 22 funny images of people with clear priorities. And we’d like to share those with you.

1. Pizza is always welcome.

2. Child vs Cat priorities

3. When your girlfriend knows who the good boy is:

4. The road police knows what’s important.

5. My priorities are clear.

6. Who cares about the roof and walls?

7. Little ones know their priorities in life too.

8. This young man can prioritize.

9. A hurricane is no excuse to wear shoes inside the house.

10. Pizza is my choice.

11. Who is more significant in this house?

12. Cats are always number one.

13. Beauty is my priority.

14. Can someone get my bags? I’m too busy.

15. I am an organ donor, and I know what’s critical.

16. That TV is the only thing that matters.

17. When fishing comes above food and transportation:

18. When you just can’t take your eyes off the screen:

19. My wife’s closet vs Mine

20. At the Dublin Zoo, it’s all about the animals.

21. The dog shouldn’t get wet!

22. Take only the necessities when hiking.

Have you seen any other funny moments where people had their priorities straight? Share your stories in the comments!

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