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23 Engineering Heroes Who Failed to Save the Day

You need at least two years of successful studying to acquire an engineering degree from MIT. But we believe that the people on this list should at least get an honorary one just to calm them down a bit.

We at Bright Side love seeing professionals at work, but the creative minds of these amateurs have stunned all of us.

Adapter? Never heard of it.

Amping up property value

"You see a ladder, I see a pedestal."

We hate when books get wet too.

No angle, no problem.

Gangster bike

Copy and paste, and paste, and paste...

It's a form of art if you think about it...

Save some money on school supplies!

There must be an easier way to trim those hedges.

Does it come with a filter?

Central cooling system

It's stupid but it works...wait, is that a bike chain for a seat belt?

If it's round, it goes.

Ok, that's genius!

"Feeling pretty safe right now. Ok, this guy is a professional, but still."

It just wouldn't close!

Good enough.

Power cooking

Honda owners are like, "Yeah, custom intake made by Pringles."

Flashing brands is rude, man.

Hey, at least color in the edges!

"Just slap a band-aid on it!"

Which one of these inventions made you shudder or conversely, inspired your own creativity? Please share your opinions and views with us in the comments!

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