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25 Marketing Frauds That We Are All Fed Up With

Sometimes marketers use tricky methods in order to persuade us to buy certain products. And even though we often get annoyed with these tricks, we still keep getting trapped in them again and again. Luckily some Internet users shared photos of terrible marketing tricks that they've encountered to help keep us from making the same mistakes.

Bright Side collected 25 photos for you where the real resentment of consumers has been captured.

There is no such thing as much ham. True...

When it's very important to read what is written in small print:

A piece of cardboard instead of plastic

"They’re trying to make it look like there’s a lot more Nerf darts in the package."

Half cherry-filled croissant:

This roll had only 20 stickers.

"The most honest sale I have ever seen."

"Thought I still had 25% remaining. Nope, solid glass."

Why can't they add the 6th pill?

Fossils instead of chocolate snacks:

When they hide the real volume of the balm behind the sticker:

They promised 25% more:

A big box of disappointment:

The mark on the glass indicates the amount of ice - and only the rest is the actual drink.

Turns out 25% less doesn't refer to the price.

"My expectations were low still, but I was disappointed."

Storm Troopers just don't look like they used to.

Do these confusing little windows annoy you too?

What a discount!

"Either the package is lying or someone has already licked my ice-cream."

A lawn-mowing company scatters fake money with an advertisement for their services around town.

The distance between triangles got bigger while the length of the chocolate stayed the same.

Full-on disappointment:

This should be punishable!

This fake olive oil cost like a 100% pure olive oil.

What marketing tricks do you usually get annoyed with? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit tacticalBOVINE / reddit
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