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25 Pics Proving That Some Bonds Really Do Stand the Test of Time

People often say that one of the strongest feelings one can experience is love. That is hard to deny. However, as the years go by, we’ve somehow lost the real meaning of the word and today we’re used to saying “love” is just any nice feeling that someone or something generates in us. The truth is that, if we look deep within ourselves, we get to establish real bonds with people, animals, and even specific objects. And what could be better than to leave those connections captured in a picture to make them last forever?

Bright Side has compiled several images of special bonds that have been created between people, pets, and things that seem destined to last a lifetime.

1. “Born 102 years apart on the same day. My son gets to meet his great-grandma for the first time.”

2. “The newer picture is already 5 years old, but it still makes me smile! Best buds forever”

3. “My sister and I graduating Headstart vs Us graduating college”

4. “The coolest couple I know 1972 / 2019”

5. “I did the same Olympic triathlon 3 years apart, with a difference of 50 lbs and 44 minutes.”

6. “3rd birthday vs 20th birthday, still wearing red & eating a key lime pie.”

7. “My childhood friend and me. 12 years apart. I embraced the bald first and grew a beard. He followed suit and here we are.”

8. “Tried to recreate a photo from 3 years ago, needless to say, I don’t think he’s very happy.”

9. “My babies — 10 years apart”

10. “I was 21 when we brought her home, now I’m almost 42. I’ve loved her half my life and all of hers. Happy 21st birthday to our precious girl.”

11. “14 years later”

12. “Same name, same base, same profession, 57 years later than him. Love you, grandpa!”

13. “33 years of birthday celebrations and I’ve gotten to share almost half of them with my best pal.”

14. “Almost 40 years together and this is how they still watch TV.”

15. “Their love has grown so much over the past 6 months.”

16. “My parents, 1981 vs 2021”

17. “My grandfather in his 20s and late 80s”

18. “19 years later, with extra wisdom... sleepiness... and airplane ears”

19. “Yea buddy, you still fit.”

20. “3 years later, Charlie is still a handsome kitten.”

21. “20 years on. Family is everything. Merry Christmas everyone.”

22. “My dad and me, NYC 1971 on the left, me and my son in NYC, 2011. Same shirt!”

23. “He’s grown a bit but still loves his Charizard.”

24. “Me and my dog 5 years apart <3”

25. “Me and my son 27 years apart. Same Moses blanket, basket, and onesie!”

What is the strongest true love bond in your life and how long has it been there? Do you think that love should always be unconditional?

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