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25 Things Users Thought Were Too Expensive or Cheap When They Were Children

In the eyes of a child, the world is seen very differently from the way an adult sees it. The simplest things can be a luxury for a child. But that’s innocence: during childhood, objects that people normally wouldn’t value are appreciated. This is because children can’t always understand how much some of the things they use in their everyday life really cost. In a Reddit thread, users were asked to share what they thought was very cheap or very expensive when they were children, and we couldn’t help but smile.

And we wanted you to smile too, so Bright Side compiled some of the best stories that users shared in the thread to remind us just how innocent they were when they were kids. We have to admit that we really related to this too.

1. Sparkling grape juice

2. Spaghetti

3. Bread

4. Air

5. Food coloring and fondant icing

6. Water

7. The video game currency exchange

8. A dog

9. Disney VHS

10. Gas

11. Food

12. Granola bars

13. A mini-refrigerator

14. A house

15. A chandelier with diamonds (maybe)

16. A convertible Porsche

17. Curtains

18. Gift wrapping paper

19. College

20. Toilet seats

21. Clothes

22. Balloons, an extravagance!

23. Concrete statues

24. Fancy glasses

25. $10, a fortune

What did you think was cheap or expensive when you were a child that turned out to be the complete opposite? Are there other things that you understood very differently as a kid, then as an adult, realized that you were actually being naive? Let us know in the comments!

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