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30 Fascinating Things That Prove Life Is Full of Miracles

Just imagine seeing a bunch of polite fungi saying “hi” to you on your way through a local park or a funny ostrich staring at you from a piece of wood in your garage. No, those aren’t jokes, but they’re real examples of wonders that people just like you have found recently. There are a lot of amazing things that we may fail to notice in our everyday lives!

We at Bright Side have collected some internet users’ findings which prove that if we stop for a moment and take time to scrutinize some things around us, we can easily find some hidden marvels.

1. “A group of baby Easter bunnies I found while walking my dog on Easter Sunday (soda can for reference)”

2. This clock at my grandparents’ house is backward so it faces the right way in the mirror when you’re getting ready.

3. “Owning a hairless cat occasionally results in nightmare material.”

4. “My dogs unintentionally matched the hotel comforter.”

5. This woodcut looks like an ostrich.

6. The skyline looks like a forest trail at the top of the tree line.

7. Erosion makes it seem like someone carefully placed a rock everywhere they could.

8. “My mom cracked 4 eggs with 2 yolks in each. What are the odds?”

9. A bunch of fungi saying hi

10. “My dog looks like the dog in the sample pic.”

11. A hummingbird nest that fits on top of a pine cone.

12. “All 4 of my cats’ paws have unique black/pink combinations.”

13. “This owl I found resembling its protection sign”

14. Color gradient moss

15. The carpet at this airport looks like an aerial view of the ground from the window of an airplane.

16. “I refilled my soap dispensers with new and different brands. The density caused the old soap on the bottom to rise, making it look like fungi.”

17. “The pattern on my dog’s chest looks like a cat mid-sneeze.”

18. “The scratch on my mom’s car looks like 4 people on a canoe.”

19. “My tomato got a cut while growing and stitched itself back together.”

20. This house has a guard turkey.

21. My homemade orange juice smiled back at me this morning.

22. “Our dog’s paw looks like a mini-version of him.”

23. Found an old bottle in the mountains with a mini eco-system inside.

24. The picture of the Japanese movie advertisement is printed on 2 sides of the newspaper so the full picture could be seen under some light.

25. “Look how big my dog’s tongue is!”

26. This unicorn picture looks totally different in the mirror.

27. My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.

28. “I took a mildly well-timed picture of a camel.”

29. Unlikely neighbors — bird and wasp nests attached to each other

30. “My iris has rings in it.”

What’s a personal wonder you’ve been able to see that made you forget about your chores and everyday routine?

Preview photo credit contrappostheaux / Imgur