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If Time Had an Instagram, These 20+ Photos Would Definitely Be in Its Profile

Have you ever wanted to see or feel time? It’s unlikely to be done in a literal sense, but you can feel its strength and inevitability. Sometimes it changes things so much that you can’t believe your eyes.

At Bright Side, we decided to watch how time flies, and here are 20+ things that time has worked on quite well.

1. “This is an old well in Albania. It must’ve taken a long time for the grooves to appear.”

2. “This chair got covered with lichen over time. It seems like my pal Davy Jones gave it to me.”

3. “The floor in my barbershop”

4. “This is a banyan tree in Maui. The top photo was taken by my grandfather while he was stationed there during WWII. I took the bottom one without knowing his photo existed.”

5. “This is a redo of a 22-year-old tattoo. It was one of my favorites, so I had it redone.”

6. “This is my dogs’ frisbee — it’s still their favorite.”

7. People believe that if they touch Juliet’s right breast, they’ll find love.

8. “My grandpa cut his wedding band off after 55 years of not being able to remove it.”

9. “Guess which cabinet the snacks are in...”

10. “After 130,000 miles, I finally replaced my cabin filter.”

11. “I replaced my boyfriend’s year-and-a-half-old pair of sneakers that he used for work.”

12. “This is what the keyboard at a commercial paint store looks like.”

13. “A new T-shirt and the old one that I’ve worn for 3 years”

14. Someone left the sneakers in the woods, and now they’re a part of these woods.

15. “The erosion of a bracelet after wearing it nonstop for 16 years”

16. “Here are my 26-year-old teddy bears. One I used and the other one, not so much.”

17. “I had this tattoo done just 7 months ago. It faded much more than I expected.”

18. “My toddler’s toothbrush (after only a couple of weeks of being gnawed on) and its replacement”

19. “My grandfather always carried this silver dollar in his pocket for 41 years since 1945. I’ve been carrying it in my pocket since 1995, keeping the tradition going. The coin became completely smooth. My grandmother carried the other one in her wallet from 1945 to 2000.”

20. “A 300-year-old bar’s footrest — the bricks wore away faster than the mortar.”

21. “A high fiving dog”

22. “A customer came in because their phone said ‘no SIM’. I wonder why (the old SIM is below and the new SIM is on top for comparison)...”

23. “This porch was neglected for 16 years. We finally washed it.”

Have you ever seen objects changed by time? Tell us about the things that impressed you most.

Preview photo credit unknowm author / reddit
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