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11 New Cartoons You Can Watch With a Cup of Chocolate Milk

The first cartoon appeared in 1892. Charles-Émile Reynaud showed it to the theater audience of adult ladies and gentlemen. Despite the huge success, Reynaud was pushed aside by the cinema. But right now, animations are popular again. Modern creators understand that adults, just like children, want to relax and have fun. And anything becomes more enjoyable if you can share it with your family.

We at Bright Side have found out which cartoons are the most anticipated in 2019-2020. Some of them have already been released and others will be out soon.

The Queen’s Corgi

The story revolves around Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved dog. A Corgi named Rex tries to save himself and gets lost outside of the Queen’s palace. He finds himself on the streets of London with its violent reality, where you have to be strong to be successful. In order to return home safely, the dog that never knew a hard life has to show what he is capable of. He will have to learn more about the secret life of the city, learn to communicate with other dogs, learn more about himself, and find his true love.

Duration: 85 minutes.


Vladimir is an experienced spy that can crack even the most mysterious case. But he has one serious flaw: he loves freedom, so he doesn’t always follow his boss’s orders. And when Vladimir takes on a new investigation, he gets Hector (a rat) as his partner. Working with a smart, but daydreaming, partner is unbearable for the cat, because neither of them wants to meet the other one halfway. But in order to finish the investigation and catch the criminal as fast as possible, Vladimir and Hector have to become a team.

Duration: 99 minutes.

The Addams Family

Everyone had been waiting for The Addams Family to return to the big screen and it finally happened. This eccentric family seems pretty weird to regular people and they have a happy little life in their remote house on the hill, before they meet this reality show host who turns their lives upside down.

Duration: 86 minutes.

Salma’s Big Wish

Salma grew up in a loving foster family, but for 16 years she’s been dreaming of finding her real parents. She lives in a Spanish town where they celebrate the Day of the Dead, when the souls of the dead people come to the world of the living to meet their relatives. Before this day, Selma’s foster brothers find a spell book that opens a gate to different worlds. And then, Selma decides to go to the world of the dead to find her parents and learn more about her past.

Duration: 95 minutes.

Wonder Park

Back when she was a child, June imagined an amusement park and all of the inhabitants. She spent days creating the park, but it was time to grow up. She didn’t have much time for her dreams because of her mother’s illness. But she had no idea how real her imaginary world was. The park was in danger, because June had forgotten about it. She then realizes that the responsibility for the park is completely on her shoulders and she decides to do anything she can to save it. Fortunately, her good old friends come to help her.

Duration: 85 minutes.

Spies in Disguise

Lance is a self-confident agent who loves saving cities and countries. Walter is a somber young scientist who wants to shield himself from the outside world with his inventions. These 2 are complete opposites. And once, when the agency really needs Lance’s help, he turns... into a pigeon. But this time, Lance needs Walter’s help to save the world. Can this unexpected duo become a real team and stop the catastrophe from happening?

Duration: 102 minutes.

Children of the Sea

Schoolgirl Ruka spends all of her free time in the aquarium where her father works. Once, 2 weird boys come in. They were born very far beyond the sea, and as it turns out, they have supernatural powers. Soon, the sea creatures from all the aquariums around the world start going missing and Ruka suspects that the 2 boys have something to do with this mysterious case.

Duration: 111 minutes.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Aardman Animations Studio gives us another adventure story with Shaun. This time, a real spaceship crashes not far from his farm with an alien on board whose name is Lu-La. The new friend charms all the animals and Shaun decides to help Lu-La return home at any cost. But the sheep has no idea that alien hunters are already after them.

Duration: 86 minutes.

The Willoughbys

This US and Canadian animated film is based on Lois Lowry’s book. It is about 4 children who are sure that it is better for them to grow up on their own, rather than trust their parents. So, they decide to take a break from their annoying parents and send them on vacation. But the brothers and sisters find out that living without parents can also be a nightmare.

Duration: 92 minutes.


This animation is set in Ireland in the 17th century. Magic and superstitions were very popular and wolves were believed to be the devil’s creations. Robyn and her father (who is a hunter) are chasing the last pack of wolves. But then she meets a local girl named Mebh who tells her the secrets of nature. So, Robyn starts to realize that she shouldn’t have listened to her father’s advice to begin with.

Duration: unknown at the moment.

Wish Dragon

This comedy animation is based on the original story by Chris Applehans and Jackie Chan is the producer. The story is very similar to Aladdin, but it takes place in modern China. And the boy meets a dragon that can make any wish come true. This is a moving story of friendship that has a great plot.

Duration: unknown at the moment.

Do you like watching cartoons and animations alone or with your family?

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