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12 Mistakes in “Titanic” That Only Real Fans Would Notice

There are films that, because of their content, manage to arouse great emotions in viewers. However, while looking to get the perfect shot, filmmakers tend to make a few mistakes since they’re not necessarily paying attention to certain small details.

This can be seen in one of the most popular movies in the world, Titanic. It became a worldwide phenomenon and the second feature film to gross more than 2 billion dollars worldwide after winning a large number of awards. Even so, it’s difficult to explain the reasons why these oversights occurred. But what can be certain is that nothing escapes the keen eye of a meticulous moviegoer.

Bright Side did a little research and compiled a list of mistakes that the producers of this amazing movie overlooked.

1. The mole that changes places

There’s one very clear mistake that hardly anybody noticed when watching Titanic. If you need a hint, it’s related to Rose DeWitt Bukater’s (who was played by actress Kate Winslet) mole. When the young woman was about to board the boat, her mole was on the left side of her face. However, if you take a closer look at some other shots later in the movie, it was on the opposite side.

2. Railings that move

Here, you can see a props oversight. In the first image, Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) was standing next to his friend on the bow of the ship and the railings on the sides were clearly spaced from each other.

Later in the film, both protagonists, Jack and Rose, find themselves in exactly the same part of the boat where they’ll play one of the most iconic scenes of the movie. We’re referring to when Jack embraces Rose and they both get blown around by the wind. But at this point, the railings are now attached to each other. Is it possible that the railings were carried away by the love that this shot inspires and decided to embrace each other as well? Or maybe they were fixed during the trip.

3. Etiquette blunders

The story of the movie is based on the romance between people belonging to 2 completely different social classes. Rose and her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater (played by actress Frances Fisher), belong to a wealthy, privileged class, so they’re supposed to know the etiquette protocols very well. In fact, on several occasions throughout the movie, Ruth is very insistent that everyone around her should also comply with the etiquette protocols.

But it seems contradictory that in several parts of the film she wears gloves to snack in, as this is forbidden by the rules of etiquette. According to the rules, she should take them off when entering any room where food is offered. What happened there? Did she forget to do her nails or was she simply too cold?

4. A man that came from a different era

Another wardrobe oversight involves the character of Cal Hockley (played by Billy Zane) during his breakfast with Rose. You probably remember this character for his extreme jealousy. It’s because of this that he ruffles Jack’s feathers, constantly referring to his poverty and emphasizing his ordinary manner of dressing.

But something that could make you raise an eyebrow in this scene is to see him with a full formal suit, fancy shoes, and not wearing any socks, when, in fact, this is a must-have accessory for any formal attire. This is not only true of modern formal attire, but it was even more important during the era in which the film is based.

5. Disappearing necklaces

Once again, we can perceive a small error, which was possibly made due to a distraction. First, Rose can be seen attending a very elegant dinner with her mother. But suddenly, our protagonist, who gets really annoyed by the comments of the attendees, decides to leave the gala. On her way out of the ballroom, you can clearly see that she no longer has the necklace around her neck and that she untied her hair in a matter of seconds.

6. Uneven angles

Just a few scenes later, Rose, driven by impulse, is about to make a difficult decision. Luckily, Jack appears to make her reconsider and saves her life. But there is an important detail in this scene, and it greatly depends on the angle of the camera — Rose’s hand is either holding the train of her dress or just the railing.

7. Recycling blankets

There is one particular item that often goes unnoticed — let’s see if you actually caught it. There’s this plaid blanket, which, if you remember, appears in several key scenes throughout the movie. First, it’s used by Rose after she is rescued by Jack. Then, near the end of the film, the exact same blanket appears covering Rose after she is rescued from the sinking ship. Of course, in this second scene, the blanket is dry.

Later, she uses it again to cover herself so that Cal Hockley cannot see her. However, this time, the design and colors of the blanket have changed.

8. Objects appearing suddenly

You probably remember the scene where Jack is wrongfully arrested by the ship’s officers. Rose, of course, once she realizes what’s happening, rushes to his aid. But what the producers failed to notice was that in the room where they were together, a pillow appeared out of the blue in between scenes. Did someone decide to take a quick nap or something?

9. Reconstructed glass

Later on, in her attempt to free Jack, Rose runs all over the boat in search of an object that could be of use to her. Finally, after a few minutes, she spots an axe. It’s located on the wall of one of the corridors inside an emergency glass pane. An interesting fact is that after breaking the safety glass to reach the axe, the glass is magically reconstructed, as you can see in the stills we included in the collage above.

10. Gravity-defying ropes

Something really interesting about this film is that after the ship suddenly hits the iceberg, it begins to sink from the bow, which is the front of the boat. Consequently, the stern of the ship was gradually raised. In other words, what happened was that a strong inclination was created from the front that caused the rear part of the boat to rise.

However, according to the law of gravity, every object should always fall in the direction of the body with the strongest attraction, which, in this case, is the earth. But in the first image from our collage above, you can see that the ship’s ropes seem to tilt parallel to the earth. Although, later on, we suppose that the producers were more attentive and corrected this mistake, which you can see in the second image.

11. No one really paid attention to the sky.

In case you were wondering if any of these mistakes were caught by anyone besides us, we’ve got a surprise for you. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson commented on several errors in the film. For example, producers did not take into account the date, the course of the trip, or the position of the stars as they were seen in the sky that night. The film shows Rose and Jack on a clear, moonless night; but according to the expert, this isn’t accurate if the movie’s ship is supposed to crash on the same date and location as the real Titanic. The 3D re-release of the film notably corrected this error once it came to light.

12. An icy nose that melted

Jack and Rose are left in the middle of an ice-cold Atlantic Ocean where they both struggle to survive while waiting to be rescued. At the beginning of these scenes, both of them are supporting each other and, due to the cold, Jack gets some ice on his nose. But a while later, when Rose tries to wake him up because help has arrived, all of a sudden, the ice has melted.

Do you pay attention to these types of inconsistencies in movies? Do you know of any mistakes we should add to this list? Write them in the comment section!

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