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18 Handsome Stars That Still Can Take Our Breath Away

The years go by for everyone, and the best thing to do is to accept it with joy and enjoy each new stage of life to the fullest. For actors, age is crucial since it conditions the type of characters or profiles they could play. We all remember the celebrities we present today for their outstanding roles in action stories, thrillers, or leading men in romantic comedies and dramas.

Bright Side invites you to take a trip back in time and remember what these magnificent actors looked like in the past and how much they made us enjoy their performances back then.

1. George Clooney (61 y.o.)

2. Harrison Ford (80 y.o.)

3. Jeff Goldblum (69 y.o.)

4. Mel Gibson (66 y.o.)

5. Pierce Brosnan (69 y.o.)

6. Jean-Claude Van Damme (61 y.o.)

7. Clint Eastwood (92 y.o.)

8. Bruce Willis (67 y.o.)

9. James Brolin (82 y.o.)

10. Jack Nicholson (85 y.o.)

11. Richard Gere (73 y.o.)

12. Michael Caine (89 y.o.)

13. Ian McKellen (83 y.o.)

14. Antonio Banderas (62 y.o.)

15. Kurt Russell (71 y.o.)

16. Al Pacino (82 y.o.)

17. Sylvester Stallone (76 y.o.)

18. Robert De Niro (79 y.o.)

Who is your favorite old school actor? Which of their films do you like the most?

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