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What 15 Actors From “Pitch Perfect” Look Like, and What They’re Up to 10 Years After Its Premiere

In 2012, Pitch Perfect was released, a musical comedy somewhat out of the ordinary, as it told the story of a group of college girls trying to win an a cappella choir contest. The Barden Bellas knew how to conquer the audience with their beautiful voices, the peculiar way of mashing up one song with another, and maintaining a rhythm that was as catchy as it was entertaining.

The Bright Side team has watched this movie so many times that we thought it was a good idea to check what the stars were up to 10 years after its premiere.

1. Anna Kendrick — Beca Mitchell

In the film, Anna Kendrick was able to demonstrate her fantastic singing skills, enchanting the audience with her sweet voice. After the premiere, she participated in many other films of different styles, such as Stowaway, a suspense and science fiction movie, and in the romantic series, Love Life.

2. Elizabeth Banks — Gail Abernath McKadden

Elizabeth Banks not only appeared in this film, but she also debuted as a film director in the second installment of this saga. One of her last films on the big screen was Power Rangers in 2017, in which she played a villain.

3. John Michael Higgins — John Smith

Actor John Michael Higgins has an extensive career in both film and television. After serving as the a cappella meet-and-greet commentator in Pitch Perfect, he worked in countless films and TV shows. In 2020, for example, we could see him in the remake of Saved by the Bell, playing director Toddman.

4. Skylar Astin — Jesse Swanson

One of the leading men in the film was played by Skylar Astin, who was part of the rival chorus of the Barden Bellas. After this film, he participated in some other musical projects, as well as in films and TV series. In 2021, he starred in Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas.

5. Anna Camp — Aubrey Posen

The role of the uptight and traditionalist co-leader of the Bellas was played by Anna Camp, an actress who began her career on Broadway and continued in various film and TV projects. One of her latest works was the movie, Murder at Yellowstone City, filmed in 2021.

6. Brittany Snow — Chloe Beale

Brittany Snow has been acting since she was a child, having appeared in several family films, such as The Pacifier and Hairspray. After Pitch Perfect, Brittany continued acting, non-stop. In 2022, we can see her in the film, X, as one of the main characters.

7. Rebel Wilson — Patricia

The multifaceted Rebel Wilson proved in this film that she can also sing. Her talent did not stop there, as after winning the hearts and laughter of viewers with her role as “Fat Amy,” she continued acting in both film and television. Soon, we will be able to see her in the rom-com, Senior Year.

8. Adam DeVine — Bumper Allen

Adam DeVine played the role of Bumper, the leader of the Barden Bellas’ rival male chorus. He then continued his artistic career in several films, many of them as a voice actor. For example, we can hear him in the animated film, Extinct, where he voiced the character of Ed.

9. Ester Dean — Cynthia-Rose Adams

One of the voices that stood out in an extraordinary way was that of Ester Dean. Not surprisingly, she is a singer and songwriter. In fact, she’s even written some hits for Katy Perry and Rihanna. In 2020, she lent her voice to the character of Legsly in Trolls 2. On TV, she participated as a judge in 2021’s Clash of the Cover Bands.

10. Alexis Knapp — Stacie Conrad

Actress Alexis Knapp played the attractive and carefree girl in the choir, to whom no boy could resist. In her artistic career, she has also played several roles, in which her great talent stood out. One of the latest was in the 2021 film, Phobias.

11. Hana Mae Lee — Lilly Onakuramara

Hana Mae Lee’s character did not go unnoticed by anyone. In fact, it won her a couple of awards. Soon, the actress and fashion designer will appear in the horror film, Abruptio.

12. Utkarsh Ambudkar — Donald

Actor, singer, and rapper Utkarsh Ambudkar is not only known for his role in Pitch Perfect. He also worked on 2018’s Blindspot and 2021’s Free Guy alongside Ryan Reynolds. Most recently, he appeared in the miniseries, The Dropout.

13. Freddie Stroma — Luke

Freddie Stroma may be very familiar to us, as he worked in several installments of the Harry Potter saga. In Pitch Perfect, he played the role of a radio station manager and college DJ. In 2022, we can see him in the series, Peacemaker, playing one of the vigilantes.

14. Shelley Regner — Ashley

Prior to the film, Shelley Regner was part of the choir that Disney created, DCappella. In 2018, she participated in the film, Running with Fear. A year earlier, she starred in New Dogs, Old Tricks for television. Her last appearance was in 2020, in the music video for Beyoncé’s song, “Love On Top.”

15. Ben Platt — Benji Applebaum

The character played by Ben Platt dreamt of being a member of the university men’s chorus and, in the end, he succeeded. The actor began his career in musical theater when he was just a child. His career has included several Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Awards. Since 2019, we’ve seen him star in the Netflix comedy-drama, The Politician.

After watching this franchise, most of us ended up humming the songs. What was your favorite character? What was so special about these films that we still like to watch them today?

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