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10 Outfits That Prove Lady Di Was Ahead of Her Time

As the years go by, the influence of the unforgettable Princess Diana is more and more evident. During her lifetime, Lady Di dedicated herself to setting new trends in fashion. Every piece of clothing she chose to wear had a meaning. From loose, casual, and comfortable dresses to formal, elegant, and stunning outfits, Diana was a representation of glamour and good style. However, her influence didn’t stop after her tragic death. Several brands have been inspired by her over and over and have managed to create other modern and avant-garde designs that, without a doubt, keep the spirit of this fashionista princess alive.

So, as a way of paying tribute to this amazing princess, we at Bright Side have compiled 10 Lady Di outfits that have been used as inspiration for new styles presented at the world’s biggest fashion festivals.

1. The black and white suit

The combination of black and white was always a favorite of Princess Diana’s when it came to garments. That’s because black and white both add a touch of class and sobriety when worn together. Lady Di wore a black and white suit in 1986 for her visit to Vancouver, which ended up inspiring the creation of a similar garment in Tory Burch’s Spring 2020 collection.

2. The pink dress with polka dots

In 1983, Lady Di visited Freemantle Hospital and appeared before the public in a long, pink, polka-dotted dress. Her look ended up causing a stir among the fiercest of her followers and became one of the most iconic pieces she has ever worn. The garment fit the princess’ silhouette perfectly and it’s no wonder why it served as inspiration for a dress in the Off-White Spring 2018 collection.

3. The Jacky Kennedy outfit, revamped

Princess Diana was characterized by her great fondness for jacket and skirt outfits. Among the thousands she could have chosen from her Royal closet, she went for this beautiful pink outfit that reminded everyone of Jackie Kennedy. She wore this on her visit to Argentina in 1995. Later, Off-White was inspired by this outfit and created one for their Spring 2018 collection.

4. The honeymoon floral white silk dress

In 1981, a sweet and innocent Diana embarked on what she thought would be a happy marriage and began her life as Diana, Princess of Wales. But before that all began, she went on a dreamy honeymoon where she was spotted wearing a baggy floral print dress that would later inspire Tory Burch for her Spring 2020 collection, which featured a very similar style.

5. The black and white polka-dot dress

In addition to the color combination, polka dots were one of the glamorous princess’ favorite prints. So it hardly came as a surprise when she chose this very casual print for the 1988 Royal Ascot ceremony. Back then, she was still an active member of the royal family and displayed a chic yet debonnaire style. In 2018, Off-White chose this garment as the basis for one of their spring collection designs.

6. The red dress from Sidney

Even before she left the British royal family, Lady Di already made her preferences very clear in terms of designs and colors. For instance, think about the time she chose an elegant, bright red, long-sleeved dress for her visit to Sydney in 1988. It was clearly one of the most eye-catching outfits that Lady Di exhibited, and it made her stand out among international leaders. Based on this model, Tory Burch displayed her creativity in her Spring 2020 collection.

7. The iconic red sweater with sheep on it

In June of 1981, Diana chose this funky sweater to wear while attending a polo match where Prince Charles was playing, and ever since, this garment became an instant classic. It’s one of the most famous pieces of clothing that the princess ever wore. In the year 2020, the clothing brand Rowing Blazers decided to immortalize the garment by creating their own version of this pop icon, and it was actually worn on the runway.

8. The sporty looks

Maintaining a figure as slender as Lady Di’s undoubtedly involved way more than just a good diet and dedication. She probably spent hours working out at the gym, so it shouldn’t be surprising at all that her pictures in sportswear became increasingly common. From then on, many celebrities followed her example to such an extent that her style is still maintained today, as is confirmed by Kim Kardashian.

9. The strapless print dress

During a royal tour, Princess Diana dazzled everyone with a strapless dress that had a beautifully subtle yet eye-catching print. For her part, Tory Burch paid tribute to the princess, once again, in her spring collection of 2020 with a design that pretty much based its entire essence on the outfit worn by Lady Di.

10. The flamenco dress with 2-toned gloves

In 1986, the Princess of Wales caught everyone’s attention at the America Cup’s Ball with an avantgarde, atypical outfit. Clearly, she never lost sight of her own style, which always managed to stay modern and elegant at the same time. The dress in question was already impressive in itself. However, this time, it was her accessories that stole the show. Lady Di was wearing two different colored gloves that would serve as inspiration for one of the dresses in the Spring 2018 collection by Off-White.

Despite the fact that more than 2 decades have passed since the death of Princess Diana, her sense of style remains intact. So much so that her good taste keeps on inspiring even the youngest of girls that wish to have the same elegance and glamour that she denoted. Tell us in the comments: Would you wear some of these current garments based on her original designs?

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