14 Brides Whose Shoes Stole the Show

When we think about weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is the stunning white gown. It’s only when you’re planning a wedding that you realize how important the shoes are too. After all, it will be a long ceremony where you not only have to look amazing, but also feel comfortable. Some celebrities like Yoko went for 100% comfortable by wearing sneakers to their weddings, some others prefer classic stilettos no matter what. In any case, they all looked amazing.

So Bright Side wanted to see how some of the most famous women in the world combined style and comfort in their wedding shoes. We can tell you for sure: there are very smart solutions, and there are also some other women on the list that ditched comfort for looks. After all, it’s their wedding, they have to look and feel amazing!

1. Pippa Middleton

In May 2017, Duchess Kate Middleton’s younger sister married businessman James Matthews. For this special occasion, she chose to wear a lace dress from Giles Deacon, which she combined with a custom pair of satin shoes from famous designer Manolo Blahnik’s bridal collection. The silk satin pump has a pointed toe, ankle strap, and Swarovski crystal buckle embellishment. It is estimated that the shoes alone were valued at approximately $2,500 at the time. But hey, a wedding is the most important day of your life and the shoes were amazing!

2. Kate Moss

In 2011, British model Kate Moss and rock star Jamie Hince walked down the aisle as husband and wife. Kate chose a vintage dress made by designer John Galliano. Still, it’s worth mentioning that it wasn’t the dress that caught everyone’s attention, but Moss’ shoes. Manolo Blahnik, the designer, was in charge of attending to every single request the model made until the shoes were perfect according to her. Blahnik confessed, saying, “We did them 5 times to get them the way she wanted. The shoes arrived the day before and there were too many jewels on the heel because of the long train, so we had women working up until midnight to change it.” The result was a Godiche style sandal loaded with stones that made a perfect duo with the dress.

3. Princess Diana of Wales

In the summer of 1981, Diana, who was only 20 years old, married Prince Charles of England. This wedding was dreamy from beginning to end, and the dress worn by the Princess of Wales was second to none. On her walk through St. Paul’s Cathedral she wore a Victorian dress from the designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel. To accompany this great work of art, shoemaker Clive Shilton was in charge of creating shoes worthy of royalty and he had approximately 6 months to do this.

The shoes were low-heeled, to dissimulate the Princess’s high stature, and they were covered with 542 sequins and 132 pearls. To decorate the upper part, the princess chose a heart-shaped brooch. The sole was covered with suede fabric to avoid tripping, and on the arch part, it had details and flowers painted by hand, plus a secret detail on the sole: the initials of the royal couple as a symbol of their everlasting love.

4. Yoko Ono

Without high heels or strappy sandals: that’s how Yoko Ono married one of the members and leaders of the highly acclaimed band The Beatles. It was the year 1969, and back then no major fashion expert would ever dream of putting their bets on flat shoes for brides. Yoko, however, never really thought that was a reason to change her peculiar sense of fashion. She chose a pair of Superga sneakers that were bright white. She combined them with matching socks that reached her knee and a miniskirt in the same color. Today, the Superga brand is worn by many singers, actresses, models, and even royalty, but Yoko remains the trendsetter who wore Superga to her own wedding.

5. Grace Kelly

The American-Irish actress became a member of Monaco’s Royal family when she married Prince Rainier III. For such an important occasion, she decided to wear a dress made by designer Helen Rose, which she combined with a pair of David Evins’ shoes. They were white, classic salon shoes, with rounded tips and a 2-inch heel.

The main feature of this shoe model was the lace that outlines the lace trim. It came with a rosette at the top, which was decorated with pearls and glass beads. But here’s a detail that not many people were aware of back in the day. Grace asked for a copper penny to be encased into the right shoe for good luck. That was her way to honor some of her ancient Irish beliefs. Today, both the dress and the shoes that the actress wore are on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

6. Queen Letizia of Spain

Letizia went from being a journalist to becoming the queen of Spain. Clearly, her life took a new turn on her wedding day to the now King Philip VI of Spain. For such an important occasion, she wore a natural silk dress with fine embroidery, designed by Manuel Pertegaz. The dress had a train that was almost 17 feet long. The heels, created by Pura López, were about 4 in high and made of the same fabric as the dress. They had openwork fabric on one side and a small teardrop-shaped tongue with a bow-shaped detail on the instep.

7. Princess Victoria of Sweden

In 2010, Princess Victoria of Sweden wore a wedding dress made by Swedish designer Pär Engsheden. Her shoes, as a distinctive mark of Roger Vivier’s brand, had a buckle covered with rhinestones and were lined with the same fabric as the dress. On behalf of Roger Vivier, who also created the shoes worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation, Bruno Frisoni admitted to feeling “privileged that the relation between the Maison Roger Vivier and Royalty endures with such glamour and elegance.” And it’s no wonder, who wouldn’t?

8. Hailey Baldwin

The model walked down the aisle with famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber. During the party that took place after the wedding, she wore an ivory-colored miniskirt with bare shoulders. Her attire was designed by Vivienne Westwood and was worn together with a custom-made pair of Jimmy Choo heels. Baldwin decided to wear these shoes as well during the wedding. Interestingly enough, even if the shoe’s design was a true classic, the specific model she was wearing had 2 tulle bows that simulated a pair of oversized bows on the ankle strap, very similar to the Aveline 100.

9. Kate Middleton

Few details have been revealed about Kate and William’s wedding in 2011. There was so much secrecy around the whole ceremony that it took about 4 years after the wedding for the shoes that the duchess wore to be revealed. They were traditional ivory satin heels with hand-embroidered lace made by the Royal School of Dress. Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen, the same fashion house that made the wedding dress, was in charge of the final design of the shoes. Together with the wedding dress, these were exhibited at Buckingham Palace.

10. Chiara Ferragni

The expectations regarding everything this famous Italian designer would wear during her wedding were sky-high. And she did not disappoint. Everything turned out to be more than perfect. Ferragni wore 3 different outfits. The shoes she wore were created by Dior’s artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, with a heel of just 2.5 inches and a ribbon with the bride’s name embroidered on it. “Each letter is an individual accessory, so each one was created in a unique way and then assembled,” confessed one of the designers of the shoes. In addition, they used antique gold and a black diamond that Maria Grazia requested especially for this occasion. To make Chiara Ferragni feel more comfortable during the whole event, the shoe brand also created flat shoes for her to change into.

11. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

With her characteristic elegant touch, Princess Madeleine of Sweden wore an organza dress that was made by prestigious designer Valentino Garavani, especially for her wedding day. She combined this beautiful lace dress with a pair of pointed stiletto heels created by the exclusive designer Oscar de la Renta. The shoes had sheer layers with small matching dots and a discreet ribbon to secure the ankle.

12. Beatrice Borromeo

Known as one of the most fashionable couples among European royals, Beatrice and Pierre Casiraghi had not one, not 2, but 5 different outfits for the entire wedding celebration that included the reception and the party. The princess wore dresses made by Italian designers Valentino and Giorgio Armani. But the outfit that really stole the show and caught fashionistas attention was a Greek-inspired white tulle Armani dress. It stood out with a modern touch: daring metallic sandals with intertwined straps, an accessory that has rarely been seen at classic royal weddings.

13. Olivia Palermo

This bride dazzled everyone with a 3-piece dress designed by Carolina Herrera. However, the part of her attire that really garnered most of the attention was her shoes. In keeping with the tradition of wearing something blue for good luck, Olivia wore the same iconic heels we saw in the Sex and the City wedding: the cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik stilettos decorated with a rhinestone buckle on the front.

14. Charlotte Casiraghi

Another royal bride worth noting was Charlotte Casiraghi. For her religious ceremony, she wore a low-cut Chanel dress and walked down the aisle wearing an unexpected pair of white slingback pointed heels that were closed in the front. The intention was to imitate a pair of boots, originally from Chanel’s haute couture collection.

So, tell us, are you more into comfy wedding shoes, or are you all about the look? Feel free to post pictures of your own wedding shoes!

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