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15 People Who Are Lucky to Have Lifelong Friends

Studies revealed that we make around 396 friendships during our lifetime, but only 33 of them will stand the test of time. Only 6 of them will be our close friends, while the rest will be nothing more than “social friendships” for us. Losing touch with friends may be one of our biggest regrets, but the good news is that we all may have 1 friend who stands the test of time and trouble.

Here at Bright Side, we strongly believe that a real friendship is like a bar of gold found in the dust. We’ve found 15 people who are lucky enough to have a bond so strong that time has not ruined it but only made it stronger.

1. “My best friend and me in 2012 at my graduation, 2013 at her graduation, and 2021 when I officiated her wedding”

2. “20 years together since eighth grade!”

3. “My best friend and I finished our A-levels and on the last day of term, we recreated this photo of Josh and Tobi.”

4. Sandra Bullock and her BFF Melissa McCarthy love appearing at events together and trick-or-treating in costumes.

5. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio have been friends since the ’90s and now are so close that they even have nicknames for each other.

6. “Best friends, 59 years later”

7. Shannen Doherty and Sarah Michelle Gellar have a friendship that spans decades and has even overcome cancer.

8. “We’ve been best friends since we were 4. Here’s our prom picture from 2013 and us on Christmas 2019.”

9. “My 97-year-old grandfather (left) and his 95-year-old friend (since childhood) discussing the last stages of life”

10. “We’ve been best friends since I was 8, and she still managed to make it to the wedding.”

11. “We’ve been best friends since the first grade, and yesterday we graduated high school.”

12. “Friends since the tenth grade”

13. Jennifer Aniston is lucky to have both a hairstylist and friend since Rachel’s image first appeared on-screen.

14. “College buds — at the mall in 1994 and now in 2021. Reunited after 25 years!”

15. “And I never thought that 17 years later, my best friend would live to meet my first child.”

Do you have a friend who has been your lifetime support and treasure? Tag them in the comments!

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