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15 People Who Saw the Stunts of Genetics Right in Their Family

Genetics can play a crucial part in many aspects of your life, including your appearance. But one thing is for sure: they tend to work in very mysterious ways. Sometimes they make us feel like we are watching the same person, unaged, decades later. Or they might work in the exact opposite way, and a father and son could look nothing like one another.

Bright Side is amazed at how genetics play games on people and these 15 examples are proof of that.

1. “My sister and I have one Italian parent and one Irish parent. Guess who got whose genes?”

2. “As I’ve gotten older, a lot of family and friends have noted how much I look like my late father.”

3. “Genetics and the fourth generation”

4. “I’m told that my newborn nephew has my face. I don’t see it.”

5. “My dad and I are a great reminder that genetics aren’t an exact science.”

6. “24 years apart”

7. “Genetics you say? I guess it wasn’t the pool boy after all.”

8. “My 2 sons and me”

9. “My dad and me — genetics are pretty strong.”

10. “My dad holding me, and me holding my baby girl”

11. “Like father, like son.”

12. “My mom at age 26, and me at age 23 — Stonehenge, 34 years apart”

13. “I always get stopped in my town in Mexico because they say I look like my dad and ask me if I’m his son.”

14. “25-year difference, but I’m playing the same part in the same show at the same university.”

15. “Me in third grade (left) and my mom in second grade (right) — yep, no denying it, she’s definitely my mom.”

Do you have any photos showing how identical you and your parents are? Or maybe how different you are in some other ways?

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