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15+ Stars Who Totally Rock Their Silver Manes

When you were born, your genes had already “planned” when your hair would turn gray. If growing gray hair before 30 runs in your family, chances are you’ll also grow gray hair early. Some people choose to dye their gray hair while others proudly show off their silver strands.

We at Bright Side think that many celebrities look better with this more distinguished hair color. And here are 17 examples that prove this point.

1. Meryl Streep

2. Tom Hanks

3. Hugh Grant

4. Dermot Mulroney

5. Judi Dench

6. Jane Fonda

7. Blythe Danner

8. Jamie Lee Curtis

9. Kyle MacLachlan

10. Bradley Whitford

11. Pierce Brosnan

12. Helen Mirren

13. Diane Keaton

14. Glenn Close

15. Ben Stiller

16. Chris Noth

17. Steve Carell

Do you like how having gray hair has changed these celebrities? Do you know any other famous people who went gray and look stunning?

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