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18 Times Celebrity Fashion Choices Remained a Mystery to Us

Most of us have been in a situation where we wanted to wear something that didn’t really suit us. Whether it’s skinny jeans we can no longer fit in, an outdated T-shirt design, or tight shoes, we somehow manage to wear them anyway, which can result in an awkward situation. Celebrities are no different and are not immune to unfortunate wardrobe choices. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to distinguish between a wardrobe mishap and an intentional styling choice, like in the astonishing examples below.

1. Lindsay Lohan went for an abundance of baby powder in her footwear and decided to show it to everyone.

David Tonnessen/ NEWS, David Tonnessen/ NEWS

2. Britney Spears struts the red carpet like a pro in a pair of stunning but uncomfortable stilettos.

Sheri Determan/ News

3. The unusual pink ensemble and sky-high heels that Anne Hathaway is wearing are certainly not for the faint-hearted.

IMAGO/Anna Maria Tinghino/Imago Stock and People/East News, Vincenzo Landi/IPA/SIPA/SIPA/East News

4. Nicky Hilton obviously couldn’t foresee how troublesome would it be to wear this awkwardly-designed dress.

5. Perhaps you remember the time when everyone was perplexed by the size of the scarf that Lenny Kravitz wore a few years ago. NEWS

6. We don’t quite get the meaning behind this Julia Fox outfit, but she sure did have fun while wearing it.

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/Broad Image/East News

7. Actor Guillermo Diaz confused viewers with this unusual T-shirt choice.

8. We’re not sure if J.Lo tried on these shoes before the red carpet event or if she was forced to wear them.

Ann Porter/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, Ann Porter/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

9. At the European premiere of The Fast and the Furious 4, actress Michelle Rodriguez showed up wearing jeans and a red carpet dress.

10. Kim Kardashian was not ready to give up high heels, even when her feet were swollen during pregnancy.

Juan Sharma/Bruja/Pacific CoastN/EAST NEWS

11. Nobody knows for sure if Ryan Gosling really liked this tuxedo T-shirt or if he was just joking.

Brad Barket/Everett Collection/East News

12. Avril Lavigne is famous for her bold outfits, but this one really took us by surprise.

13. We can’t really tell if that safety pin on Chrissy Teigen’s dress was part of the outfit or if it was just an afterthought.

14. Emma Corrin’s perplexing outfit managed to confuse even the most avid fashionistas out there.

15. Machine Gun Kelly is known for his quirky sense of fashion, but this time he went one step further, sporting very colorful super-long nails.

16. Perhaps Rita Ora wanted to set a new trend by wearing this completely transparent skirt and a tucked-in shirt. News

17. We can’t really tell if this dress neckline was a mishap or part of the design.

18. Musician Cardi B looks striking but completely unrecognizable in this peculiar outfit.

Have you ever made an unfortunate wardrobe choice? Tell us what happened and how you resolved it.

Preview photo credit Juan Sharma/Bruja/Pacific CoastN/EAST NEWS
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